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  • Nicole J. Talbot - Missing Component in Nutrition ScienceAs a physician I was never taught about nutrition or weight loss. Everyday I am confronted with patient after patient describing their frustration and confusion over how to lose weight and I feel helpless. I try to guide them but every person had different results, or no results. I started to realize there was no one "diet" that fits everyone because we are all unique. That was when I read Lyn-Genet's article in a magazine and from a medical stand point it made total sense, it is the missing component in nutrition science.

    Figuring out what foods I react to and cutting them out of my diet has transformed my health and my body. This has been life changing experience and I will never look at food the same way.

    I am thrilled to have another medical tool to help patients manage and eliminate their chronic conditions such as migraines/arthritis/depression.

    ~ Nicole Talbot D.O. - Board Certified Family Medicine
  • David J. Todeschini "Pastor Dave" - The best thing you can get for your pet besides an RFID chipI bought the Tagg Tracker after my 11 month-old Black Lab took off for 3 hours one day. I trained her NOT to cross roads, but I was afraid she wandered off and got hit by a car.

    The unit took 10 minutes to set up on my PC, smartphone, and tablet. The map and satellite rendition on the Tablet is absolutely STUNNING. This device tracks my dog's whereabouts, alerts me id she wanders out of an area I have designated for her, and it is an absolute Godsend for peace of mind when your dog has free reign of the area adjoining 115,000 acres of pineland wilderness. I know I can find her wherever she goes, and have a record of her track (path she takes around the area) and a great way to see and document how much exercise (activity tracking) she's getting.

    HINT: You can also use this device to track other things besides a pet - for example, you can have your child put the tracker in his / her backpack.

    As the rednecks would say, "This thing is slicker than snot on a glass doorknob!"

    See my article on: Net4TruthUSA - click on "Man's Best Friend"