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  • Pam G. - Very helpfulThis product was very helpful in speeding up my laptop and getting unnecessary, old files removed. The only thing I wish it did was give you a bit of a warning before the scheduled start of a weekly cleaning. That's probably the only thing I don't like very well - I can schedule the time/date/frequency of these cleanings, but if I'm not watching the clock and the time comes for it to start, it will knock you out of whatever you're doing to get the cleaning started. Maybe it's something I just haven't figured out how to get around yet! :) Other than that, this was definitely a good product and I'm very, very happy to have my 3-yr. old laptop running so well once again.
  • TexasotanJen - I Had No Idea ...When I bought this t-shirt for my husband as a Father's Day gift, I had no idea of the side-effects. Just two days after the shirt was delivered, I went into labor. I delivered a healthy baby boy. But the odd part was that he had a full beard and a righteous mullet. The doctors were amazed. I can only attribute it to the shirt. The power of the three-wolf-moon shirt is not to be taken lightly. Don't be surprised, ladies, if you give birth to babies who eat their steaks rare and howl at the moon all night. I have had to make my man swear not to wear the shirt if there is the slightest chance I may conceive again. Who knows what the shirt could create if it were around at conception?! Some things should be left undiscovered, I think.
  • Makeup Girlie - Best makeup EVER!This product is the best ever!!! I first tried BM when it came out because a friend who owned a salon decided to sell it and talked me into it. The shades available were quite limited at that time, and one major complaint I had against it was (being extremely fair-skinned with neutral undertones) was that it was either too pink or too yellow. I also began using it in the summer and felt like it melted down my face when I would sweat. I use Fairly Light original formulation with SPF now and it matches perfectly. I always use the Handy Buki which is great for around the nose and eyes and chin, and gives full coverage.

    I've got a lot of redness, am prone to breakouts and have combination skin. I started using Revlon Colorstay foundation for about 4 years, and noticed my skin was breaking out even more and I started getting cystic acne. And so the caking stage began!!!

    I rediscovered Bare Minerals again about 2 years ago. A friend of mine was a true "believer" and convinced me to try it again, this time using Prime Time and Illuminating mineral veil. What a huge difference it makes!!! Prime time is essential for making this foundation apply well and stay. It can settle into fine lines, dry spots and look hella ugly if you don't use Prime Time. All you need is one little tiny pump of it for your whole face and you will notice you use less product, buff more and you will have fantastic, healthy looking skin with a dewy natural finish. You must always exfoliate and use a nice light moisturizer like Bioelements Crucial Moisture.It beats the hell out of caking chemicals all over your face and risking ugly breakouts that are even harder to cover.

    Coverage is Med/full. Extremely buildable, lovely finish. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!
  • Jennifer Fragomeni - The Perfect Makeup For Me!Bare Minerals may not be for everyone, but I love this makeup! It's in powder form, so of course you'll get a dusting of it on the bathroom counter. If you're not careful and it goes down the drain, you risk stopping up your sink with a big mass of solid mineral gunk that forms over time (drives hubby crazy to clean it out). I just cover the drain with a wet washcloth, so problem solved there. Minor details considering the comments I get on my glowing skin and almost flawless complexion! I haven't had a single breakout, and it's no biggie if I fall asleep with it still on. I've been using it for about 6 years, and it's the only makeup I'll ever use!