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  • kaymoh - A little pricey, but a great investment.I've owned a Timbuk2 bag before and loved it, so I was super excited that they did a camera bag. I'm a grad student doing cinema production, so I have a lot of equipment that I have to lug around and that needs protection. This bag is pretty much perfect. The buckle in the strap makes it easy to get off when my bag is full, and this bag is great if you commute on a bike. The camera insert is super padded but not bulky. I usually carry my camera (a Canon T1i), two lenses (a telephoto that's kind of bulky and a kit lense), my 13 inch laptop, some extra memory cards, a few cables, dv recorder, wired lav mic, and some other small random items. I bought the small and I still have a little extra space. You can customize the partitions in the bag which is a huge plus, and the whole camera padded insert can be removed (the laptop pocket is built in) and it can be used as a regular bag. The way the flap is designed, it keeps out all the elements, and the material is very durable. A nice addition is the tripod straps on the bottom; makes for transport with a tripod so much easier.

    Overall, the bag is a little pricey (as are most of Timbuk2's products) but if you can make the investment, you won't be disappointed, and you'll get a lot of cool features for your money. I also got one of the "shagg bags" for the strap, which is a great addition. Great for when you just need a card/a few bucks/your cell phone or iPod.
  • HealthyHairChick - GREATLet me start of by saying....I am a African American female with thick, coarse, shoulder lenght hair. Its also permed and colored....This LEAVE-IN works really good and you only have to use a little at a time..ususally i have to squeeze a nickel or more out of a regular store brought bottle....but no way not with this i dont i would say bout a dime size would do me good....and it leaves my hair and scalp feeling so refreshing and it smells fresh for days....i was riding down the road in the car with my sister and when we made to where we was gng she told am glad u didnt where no perfume today because you r hair smell good and strong but soft...i also use this with masque condition and shampoo....and its perfect for a daily wash or my once a wk wash....Do highly recommand this product to any one...i have using this for a month now...and nothing has gotten worse but better...for me..i looked in my local stores at the time i was comparing prices on Amazon while in Target and CVS Pharmacy in my local area...Amazon prices or a little bit cheaper and reasonable then those two stores....for DermOrganic Argan Oil products...
  • Michael DENNISUK "cc coach" - Fascinating!!!Game Change part 2 - This is fascinating behind the scenes look at the 2012 presidential election. Like the original Game Change the authors take you inside the strategy sessions, and the minds of the players in this historic contest. You will likely hear from those on the right that this is biased account (both authors are MSNBC contributers) but that is wrong. They paint, what seems to be, a "fair and balanced" picture of the campaign. I followed the campaigns very closely (I found the Republican debates great theatre) and this account fleshed out many details I was unaware of. GREAT READ!!!
  • KansasSue - Great program!I have used Quicken for years to keep our personal and farming operation books and love the product. Recently my Quicken 2008 decided it did not want to open my files anymore so I downloaded Quicken 2012 from Amazon and hoped it would fix the issue. Luckily it did! I am now back to keeping our our books on this product. It opened my old files perfectly and I was so relieved! Couldn't do our taxes without my Quicken!
  • R. Renfro - Perfect for tracking my menstrual cycle!Wow! Until this pen came along, I had no way to keep track of important events or to be able to write down my innermost thoughts in my Ilyana Vanzant journal without developing unsightly callouses all over my dainty ladyfingers. This pen has also made keeping track of my menstrual cycle a breeze! Those other man-pens were difficult to navigate and left my calendar a mess of smudges that smeared all-over the place, making my B's (used to indicate the beginning of my cycle) and E's (for the end of my cycle) completely indiscernible. What a mess I was not knowing whether I was coming or going! Now, when my emotions overwhelm me, I can quickly refer to my smudge-free calendar and see that it's almost that time of month which helps me calm down and just go with the flow. This pen is a blessing and shows that we women have come a long way! Right on, sisters! I mean, WRITE ON!