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  • A. Pinaud - I love the KindleI got the Kindle after a fail attempt on the Sony Reader.

    I was a little afraid, but what a success. I now get mad when Authors do not create books for Kindle, and the Wispersync with the iPhone is the best ever.

    If you love to read, you should get one.

    I carry now all the books, the dictionary, and more all the time, in my pocket.

    A soon as the Kindle 2 was out I got one, and give this to my Mother, who loves it...
  • Michael P. Nagle - This work has been life-changing for me.I really can't say enough good things about Esther Gokhale's work. I suffered from chronic neck pain for 3 and a half years, which was particularly aggravated by using the computer or reading (I couldn't do either activity for more than half an hour with being in excruciating pain.) I am now happily reading and using the computer again, and my neck doesn't hurt anymore, and it's all thanks to Esther and her book! (This is something I wouldn't have believed six months ago, before I found her work!)

    I tried all kinds of methods before finding the "8 Steps" book. Anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, muscular therapy and bodywork ... beyond temporary relief from a good massage, none of it helped. I lucked into finding Esther's book through an ergonomics office at MIT - the woman who gave it to me hadn't read it, but thought it looked good! As I flipped through the introduction, I found something deeply compelling about Esther's presentation of traditional posture, and ordered the book that day.

    As it came, I quickly discovered I had a huge sway in my lower back -- something that had never been noticed in my past medical efforts. The mystery quickly unraveled as I worked with Esther's book: my swayed lower back caused a rounded upper back and a very, very forward head: all of this added up to tons of strain on my neck. It became a matter of restoring my pelvis -- what Esther regards as the functional base of the spine -- to a proper position and from there reshaping my spine and restoring my neck to a healthy position.

    I studied daily from her book for a month in Feb. '09 and then went to Palo Alto to work with her for three weeks in Mar. '09. The results have been absolutely phenomenal: I am no longer in pain, and I can read and use the computer again! It is deeply joyous for me -- I was in a state of near euphoria for about a month after returning from the massive relief after years of being in pain. People still remark. months later, as to how I look taller, skinnier, different -- all from my transformed posture!


    I highly recommend this book as a starting point for anyone with back, neck, hip, knee, or joint problems. I have purchased many copies for friends and family, and have raved about it to everyone I've talked to in the past six months. The book itself is a very solid collection of theory and practice -- Esther's theory is stunningly effective and quite common sense simple, and matched up with (as the title suggests!) 8 steps for you to put her ideas to work. She also has support materials available for the book: a 1 hour presentation she gave at Google () and a forum where a teacher of her method (and currently it's usually Esther herself responding) can respond to your questions ( The forum in particular I think makes the book extremely workable, as you have a place to ask questions as you adapt the method to your own body.

    I really can't say enough good things about this work. I couldn't have written something this long six months ago without being in lots of pain! Esther's work has been a godsend for me. If it looks at all of use to you, please give it a try!
  • Eric Aderhold - It's a hard drive. It holds three terabytes. It works.There isn't too much that needs to be said about this hard drive. It works well, transfers data quickly, and has a whopping 3 TB of storage space. I currently have it plugged into a Belkin wireless router to share the storage space amongst all the computers in the house, and the router picked up the drive very well indeed. I would definitely recommend this hard drive for anyone who needs a place to store a few terabytes of data.
  • M. Perrin - Just when you thought Gettysburg was over done...Now I tend to shy away from Civil War historical fiction..granted i read the basics, Red Badge of Courage, Killer Angels and Gods and Generals but this book was spectacular. I was intrigued by the religious overtones and the grit and language. The facts were pretty much right on too. I love the character selection and the honest sometimes brutal portrayals of them. I would highly recommend this to not just a fan of the Civil War but anyone who enjoys a good story of men at war.
  • Alexander The Pen - Graet Buy!The seat looks great, the pattern works well with all car interiors. Kids are easy to buckle in they look comfy and seem to enjoy the ride. We have several roundabout 50's and they are great seats, the new roundabout 55 design is even better. We really like Britax seats. It is our opinion that they are made to be strong, comfortable, safe and easy to install. Check out their website to see how rigorous and serious they are about their crash testing(kudos). Buying from Amazon is always top notch as well. Two great company's. You just can't go wrong.