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  • N. Jose "tougestar" - Excellent Bookshelf SpeakersI purchased these and connected them to a receiver that I hooked up to my PC via Creative X-Fi HD and wow they are amazing! The T15s are in a 2.1 setup with a Polk Sub and they fill my room with distortion-less sound. The highs are clear and detailed while not being overly bright and the mids are very smooth. The bass is very tight and punchy and I feel it compliments my Sub's deeper bass on the low frequencies.

    These are perfect for people that are looking for awesome sound in a semi-small enclosure (obiously not as small as sattelites). I placed them on my desk right beside my computer monitor and they don't take up too much room. They are great speakers and I highly recommend them!
  • Krista - Life Changing Book No Matter What You Nutrional ExperienceI met Lyn-Genet over 6 years ago in our shared Harlem neighborhood. From the moment I met her she has been an inspiration to me on so many levels, but the ways in which her nutritional counseling has changed my life are by far her biggest impact on my life. I have been a "Planner" for well over 3 years. I struggled with losing weight my entire life. I have never been obese or even severely overweight, but I was never quite able to lose the 10-20 pounds standing between me and "slim". More importantly I struggled with debilitating migraines, depression, and even patches of psoriasis. As one of many uninsured in this country, doctors and prescriptions weren't an option for me. I was the classic case she describes in her book, living a "healthy" lifestyle, exercising, but not able to budge the needle on the scale no matter diet I tried, and trust me I tried them all! Enter Lyn-Genet and "The Plan". Within a couple weeks of starting with her I was down over 7 pounds and feeling the best I felt in my life. Within 2 months I was down almost twenty pounds, no migraines, no depression, no psoriasis! I had two children, one a small baby, and I looked and felt better than I did in high school! More then just the weight came off though, I shed a lot of emotional baggage in the process, and that baggage weighed much more than the weight I lost. I just finished Lyn's book and even as an experienced "Planner" I am shocked at how much I have learned from reading it. There is something really special about the comprehensive way all her research is laid out, combined with the menus and testimonials. I found myself unable to put it down, I was laughing, crying and inspired all over again. With each page I read, I found myself having little "ah-ha" moments. I can't more highly recommend this book! Whether you are an experienced "Planner" or brand new to Lyn's research, there isn't a person on the planet who can't benefit from information covered in "The Plan".
  • P. Pasternak ""avid reader"" - Another winner from this writing DuoThis is typical Preston and Child...they have a knack of pulling you in, right from the beginning. and after a short while you are hooked. Even though Aloysius hasn't started his sleuthing in these first nine chapters we know he's on the way. Can't wait to read the rest of the book, I've already preordered it!