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  • Tonie - Clean eatingThis book was an easy read and very practical. I have done the low carb thing for years. I am so excited to eat everything again and lose weight. I love the "clean eating". I love all of the fresh veggies and I feel great. Haylie's website answers all of the questions you have about minor things. I did not care for the app that is available. You can't incorporate the recipes from the book and it is time consuming. I made a weekly meal planner that i fill out before hand. The recipes all freeze very well and there is a wide variety of choices. Some night I make my own recipes, it is very flexible. You can design the meal plan according to your own tastes and cooking ability.
  • brookefroman - believer!!I recently attended a body by vi party. At this party I met a man named Sean and he told everyone his story. He started body by vi for many reasons,
    1. lose weight
    2. health reasons
    3. live a long life
    he weighed over 300 pounds when he started the shakes. he went to the doctor because he was experiencing unusual headaches. to his surprise the headaches were the least of his problems. his cholesterol and blood pressure were through the roof! his doctor told him if he didn't change his lifestyle he estimated he would die in the next 5 years. Definitely a scary thought to a 35yr old father of two. After the not great results of medication and dieting he decided to try body by visalus.
    He has been doing the transformation kit for 6 months and has lost 100 pounds!! cholesterol and blood pressure regular. he started to workout about 4 months into his shakes. he is walking proof that these shakes really work. He is an inspiration to many people in our area.
    trust me I'm always a skeptic when it comes to things like this. I just ordered my shakes and I'm excited to start my healthy journey!
  • Samuel - Fantastic product!This product did exactly what I needed it to do. It keeps my iPhone from sliding around on the dash and keeps it up on the windshield so I can still see the traffic while I'm glancing at the map on the iPhone navigation app. It was a little bit difficult to remove the first couple of times because it really holds it on very well. But after that it was easier to remove. I also like the fact that I will be able to just rinse it off once it loses its holding power and it will be like new again.

    I liked it so much I told all my friends about it and that I found it at my local Walgreens for $10 in the As Seen On TV section. I'd have paid $20 for it if I'd had to. This is by far the best auto cell phone holder I've ever used and I highly recommend this product.
  • Sunshine21 - A must for the Self-Sufficient!!Excellent range of info. Not you're typical, do this to stablize person then transport to hospital. Covers situations where doctors are not available. Beware, alot of info is not typical of CURRENT US situation. Lots of info on things we in the US have forgotten but diseases/illness that will reappear whenever there is a breakdown in sanitation, nutrition and or disease outbreaks. One of several medical books on my book shelf. A MUST for Preppers and anyone else that believes in self-reliance!!
  • JEREMYJONES - CANON 10-22MM WIDE ANGLE DREAM LENSI probably the nth person to praise this lens because it really deserves the credit. I'm not a professional photographer nor am I a novice shooter. I'm just your typical guy who takes shots whenever I have the time to get away from the stress of life. After going through several lenses in the past year I have to admit this was the only lens that met my needs. The quality of the pictures I took are superb and nothing beats the freedom of having a wide shot. No more backing up to eternity to fit everything in the pic. The bonus for me is the weight. Unlike other quality lens that I have handled, this is just right. Not to heavy, not to light. It fits just right on a canon t1i. I'm sure that everybody else will have second thoughts to buy this lens especially because of the price. All i can say is that no regrets. In my opinion its worth the price and definitely worth saving up for. I call it a dream lens because among all lenses that I used, it was the only one that gave a realistic capture of life's precious moments. I highly recommend it.