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  • Joshua M. Clark - The wonder of dating (courtship)I read this book a couple years ago, when I was first getting acquainted with the idea of courtship, and with the problems of promiscuous dating. I had read the advice of some really extreme courtship folks (betrothal folks, I should say), and I had heard a few nice courtship stories. "Look how great and beautifully courtship worked for us. It'll work for you too! Just wait for God's best. Someday you also will be able to tell a story that will make your daughters go googly-eyed, a tale of breathtaking beauty and emotional monogamy. Make a covenant with your eyes: don't look at a woman until you get married. In fact, it's best if you don't even talk to a woman till then, or at least as little as possible. Your wife will honor, respect, and love you so much more if you don't comment on her beauty or inescapable attraction until that first tingling, connubial kiss--she'll know you're saving your praise for the many years of wedded bliss. It's, like, an irresistible turn-on, knowing that you have this hidden cache of golden compliments just waiting for her. I mean, you wouldn't want to break her heart by unearthing them before you should. That might be ugly. Her Dad might break your kneecaps. He *should*." *cough* Ahem. Such is the idea of courtship that many people have, and that I held to, in a little more favorable light. The way a lot of folks express courtship, there seems to be no legitimate joy in relating with a person who has different organs than you. The light-headed sensation when you talk to a girl and notice how beautiful she is, that curiously exquisite tilt to her smile, and the laugh that sounds like angels' harps, as musically incorrect as that may be. The delightfully incongrous things she says from time to time, and the jaw-dropping common sense and wisdom that emerges a minute later. The way she notices and delights in the tiniest, most trivial, even the most annoying characteristics of your dialog or manner of life. The almost imperceptible difference between idiosyncrasy and idol, between fault and fascination, between chafe and charm. Male-female relations are rife with mystery and wonder, but the way some people describe it, enjoying the mystery is the same as embracing wickedness. Sweetness becomes sin, and it's no wonder people still want to date. The relationships may not last, but at least they're happy while they do. Break my heart please--it's better than the alternative. What I liked about I Kissed Dating Goodbye was that Josh Harris preserved the wonder of courtship, while still pointing out the dangers of promiscuity in dating. He affirmed the legitimate joy and curiosity that guy-girl relations will inevitably engender, and yet he pointed out that reckless abandon to this curiosity, as characterizes much of the dating scene these days, is wrongheaded and dangerous. He explained that dating simply to get those good old romantic butterflies beating their wings in your stomach is just selfishness; and yet he recognized that the butterflies were planted there by God, and their fluttering really is a righteous thing to enjoy. He delves into why dark living rooms and secluded parking lots are rather foolish places to get weak in the knees; yet he also celebrates this mysterious, God-ordained connection between feminine charm and shaky knees. Josh gave all the necessary reasons why dating (or courtship--the term used doesn't matter; responsibility is the point) should be kissed goodbye, and yet he didn't leave romantic happiness behind at the door. I liked I Kissed Dating Goodbye because the way Josh Harris painted the premarital picture, it looked more like Rembrandt and less like Pollock, a pleasant escape from some of the other courtship material I had read.
  • mau - great productThe tablet has a great size i would of like it to have more ram but it works great would defenitaly recomend it to anyone
  • LH "Just Ducky!" - Great series but some parts not believableI love this series and have been reading straight through from Outlander to Voyager. Diana Gabaldon has done an heroic job of making her characters so endearing, so multidimensional -- I think about them often the way I think about a friend and feel like I know them; she's made me care about them so much. Her dedication to detail and to layering of each character is a gift.

    The only thing is there are some parts that are not believable:

    * I couldn't believe how easily Claire's daughter, Brianna, accepted the idea of Jamie as her father. I know Roger and Claire presented her with the evidence but what little anger or outrage she showed was short lived. She went from outrage at her mother even suggesting that Claire's first husband, Frank, was not really her father to a giddy declaration of Jamie as "Daddy!" I found it strange that there was very little confusion or anger with her mother at all this news. I guess the story had to move along so the author couldn't linger on this point.

    * Aside from the odd mention of the woman's "courses," I was kind of surprised at the lack of mention at how menstruation was handled, practically, by a woman at this time in history. There's such detail about the way people prepared food, bathed, etc. at that time and was surprised by this omission.

    These are minor flaws for a remarkable series... If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind historical/romantic series, start with Outlander and keep going!
  • Mike Lippert - Great price on 5-LacIve been using Fivelac for a few months now and my biggest complaint has been the price. Taking two packets a day gets expensive, but lucky for me I found a great deal on these here! I bought 3 packs so I could stock up!

    Fivelac is one of the best probiotics I've used while dealing with candida, it really helps me keep it at bay and keep my system balanced.
  • Tim Drake "Author and Journalist" - Great Portable DriveSeagate's Backup Plus 500 GB portable hard drive is perfect for backing up your files and taking them with you. It utilizes Seagate's Dashboard, a one-click plan for backing up your computer. A Save feature allows you to back up content from social networks, such as photos captured on your smartphone and uploaded to a social networking site.

    The hard drive can be used with either PCs or Macs interchangeably without reformatting the drive. The drive includes an 18-inch USB 3.0 connection. One disadvantage is that it doesn't include a faster FireWire connection. That must be purchased seperately.

    I've found the device extremely easy to use and able to store a great deal of digital information. It's been great for storing all of my photos.