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  • Lori2106 - EXCELLENT FUN for ALL ages, not just little ones!!!I do have to admit, I was skeptical about buying this game for my 11 year old daughter. It did look sort of childish in the demos, as if only a small child could enjoy it. There were no indications that an older child would like this game at ALL. I went ahead and bought it because we DO have the Kinect, and there are not a whole lot of choices for the Kinect right now. Plus I bought it since it was cheap, and figured I would just resell it if it was not that great.
    BOY oh boy was I surprised at this game!!! My daughter has had endless hours of enjoyment out of it! There are so many activities, and it really keeps her busy and interested! Alot of the activities are very challenging, also- and stimulating for her. This game was used that I purchased from Amazon, but it looked almost new except for noticeable wear on the box- it even had the 2 day gold pass inside of it, and the booklet still!
    Great buy for the money, would recommend this to any family of any age!
    My husband and I also had great fun playing along with our daughter!
  • "Constantine" "constantine@snet.net" - Ayurveda and FoodThis book is great. I read it and coupled it with an alternative medicine text called "Ayurveda: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Indian Medicine for the West" by Yale psychiatrist, Frank John Ninivaggi MD. I highly recommend both books for a comprehensive understanding of food and health.
  • Stephen - Great Product for Those Who Interact with People with PCs!This is a great product. I put this on my Mac because of the lack of universality for the Mac software to PCs (Pages vs. Word, Numbers vs. Excel, etc.) and I love the Microsoft software on my Mac. My girlfriend has a PC, so sharing documents and such with her has been all the more easier. It does so much more for me than I expected! Great product.

    However, although this is not a bad thing at all, when I got this installed onto my computer I noticed I got Outlook as well, even though the description and box picture show that you don't. I would just suggest Amazon to make sure they include that Outlook is included just to cover their bases.

    But overall, great product, have not even touched Pages or Numbers since I switched to Microsoft software.