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  • Barry B. Edison "Barry B. Edison" - The most terrifying and freighting book ever!Simply put, this is the most terrifying and freighting book you will ever read. After the first 68 pages you will be numb and have to take a break. The only problem is - you can't - for whatever you do, the horror stays with you. You not only read about the most horrific events in human history, you live them. No one does this better than Whitley Strieber. His book "War Day", about post nuclear holocaust America, left me in tears for weeks. "2012 - The War For Souls" will leave each of us who reads the novel in shock and horror for a very long time. This book is not for the faint hearted, but if you want to read the scariest and most gut wrenching book ever written, pick up "2012".
  • carlos - Great resultsAfter receiving my bottle I took the four pills per the instructions. I took them prior to going to bed. The next day they worked. I only took four a day. I felt better and had energy. There were no side effects I can report. I would strongly recommend the Colon Cleanse.
  • Brier Bookworm - An engaging storyI greatly enjoyed reading this out of the ordinary novel about an ordinary life. Although the plot may not take your breath away, the writing is compelling and keeps your interest as it covers the story of a woman from childhood to her senior years. Ms. McDermott does not tell this story in a linear way, but more like an acquaintance might share memories from her twenties, then from middle age, then back to childhood, something that occurred in her 70's and back to being a young adult. It unfolds almost like a mystery, because she alludes to events that aren't fully understood until fleshed out later.

    This is the first book I've read by Alice McDermott, but it won't be the last; I so enjoyed it, I purchased another book by her as soon as I finished this one.
  • Gene Leynes - Small memory footprint, and seems to be effectiveIt was a breeze to install, and I hardly notice it running.

    I guess it's working? I don't have any viruses that can tell.

    McAfee is the only anti virus that doesn't act like my computer was created to just run anti virus software. When I have used other products it's like they take over my computer and everything else grinds to a halt. With McAfee I never think about it.
  • Nickole - I LOVEEEE IT!I absolutely love my Luminess! I can't lie, I was a little intimidated at first but once I opened my box and tried it I couldn't believe how easy it was to use and guess what....I'm hooked! My mom has always worn Mary Kay and now I have her hooked on airbrushing! I am a woman of color and didn't think it would look right on my complexion, boy was I wrong! I advise all women to give it a try, trust me.....you'll love it as much as I do!!!