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  • John F. Luczynski "Buck Maxim" - Easy to installI went from the 2008 version to the 2011 and now 2013. Plan to retire and take an extended trip driving around the country. I wanted to be current. Even with a GPS the is handy for plotting and seeing your route before yo depart. Calculates fuel costs as well as driving times. It's really handy.
  • bestbuyer - iPad Mini reviewIt's a nice item. We seem to be able to replace our other brand readers and tablet with no issues at all. I'm sure it would be a great buy for many others.
  • nunyabisness - Mine is great!I haven't had the problems of some of the reviewers below. I got mine 10 days ago from another supplier who had a 12% off Memorial Day sale.
    2 of the 3 courses that I play have the overhead HoleVue. Many more courses will have HoleVue by the end of the year. Lots of the recent problems have been with courses that do not have HoleVue. An update went out today that seems to have fixed that.
    I'm very pleased with mine, but some have had repeated problems. The company does seem to replace units that have problems.

    updated 1/28/12
    I played about 150 rounds with this unit and it has been great. don't waste your money on the SGXw. it is NOT an upgrade.
  • Robert Little - The complete A-gameEdwards really nailed it home with this one. Not only is the kindle edition expertly formatted, but the content is downright brilliant and insightful. Never before has a more thorough book on the pickup been blueprinted. I personally found the section on attitude and confidence most mind-blowing. The density is almost too much, but for most would likely be perfect. Gents, get ready to get your game on.