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  • Eric B. Brubaker - Mine works great, very happy with the PS4Mine works great. I've used it quite a bit over the first week and left it on for hours at a time, it never has gotten hotter then warm to the touch and hasn't crashed or had any problems. Looking at the number of 1-star reviews compared to the number of units amazon moved, even if less then half of the people with failed units have written a review the failure rate would still be less then 1% as Sony indicated. The Xbox failure rate seems to be about the same, neither system is having the major problems some people want to believe.
    The system is very fast and responsive. The lag of doing everything on the PS3 always bothered me, now everything feels instant. All downloads and updates are now in the background automatically and don't interrupt your use. The new layout is simple and easy to use, you don't have to scroll through hundreds of options to do anything like on the PS3. The new controller is great, they fixed the things I hated about the old one by fixing the triggers and analog sticks. I was really happy they removed the camera, I have no interest in motion controls. The launch lineup is a little weak, but there's plenty of great games coming in 2014. Getting Resogun and Contrast for free was nice. Resogun really is surprisingly great. You pretty much have to get PS plus now, however I've had it for years with my PS3 and the number of free games I've gotten out of it is incredible. It's so worth it, especially if you also have a PS3 (or Vita). Sony periodically has sales / credit back deals so whenever there's a discount I buy a year of PS+ then it stacks onto your current account.
  • Barbara Iraggi - VERY GOOD PRODUCTAfter a major surgery, I was having painful stomach problems and severe constipation. Thanks to my doctor and his recommendation of Align, I am feeling much better.