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  • Ms Winston - My First Barbie!I have been a collector of dolls off and on for about 40 years, but never got around to adding a Barbie to my collection. This is a lovely doll that is just as pictured in the photograph on the product page. Because it does come in the toy category, I did complete the star rating, but for an adult collector it is probably meaningless. I intend to keep the Holiday girl in her collector's box at least until December, but I did take a good look at her outside the box. The dress is lovely and appropriately festive. Barbie's hair is long and blond with a great curl that I can only dream of! She has the typical Barbie regular features and makeup -- although I do think her neck is too long, we can't go by the human body to judge Barbie. The box says the age range is 6 and up, but I don't think that this is a doll to be played with, but rather one that should be displayed, even if it is given to a child. Keeping that in mind, the giver needs to know his or recipient pretty well. If this is for a child that likes to make Barbie into an action figure, I think there are less expensive alternatives, as the doll retails for about $50.00. Good edition to an existing collection or to start one from scratch.
  • SFLovely - Wow!Ok I got this stuff on the recommendation of a friend of mine who is always trying to lose weight and loves to buy any pill TV doctors or GNC tell her she needs. I wasn't expecting much, but after about three days I noticed a huge change in my appetite. I was able to work all day without breaking for lunch and didn't even think about it! I'm only taking six pills a day and I've lost several pounds without even thinking about it! I wish it was cheaper because I want to keep taking this stuff for years, but for now I'm just happy to have found it!
  • customer - Great tablet for such great price!I saved about $300 from switching from paper textbook to eTextbook, so I decided I need a larger tablet to go with it (I own a 7" Android Tablet). I found a used Transformer Prime about that price, so I purchased it.

    There is no problem so far, everything has just been great.
    From a today's standard, this tablet is not as new and not as fast compare to like iPad 4
    However, given the price (for ex.compare to a price of an iPad 2) this is just increditabily great!
    Though it is not Retina Display, the graphic with its Quad-Core is just awesome
    It is responsive and fast and it is actually lighter and smaller than the iPad 2, let along iPad 4