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  • Evan Pinsoneault - Best PF since Wish You Were HereWhile "Animals", "The Wall", and "The Final Cut" were wonderful cds, they were mostly Roger Waters, with the rest of the band having little say on anything. After Roger left, "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" was released, although this time, Dave Gilmour is the dominating force. With "The Division Bell", the remaining three members are working in a way they haven't been working since "Wish You Were Here". They are working TOGETHER, and as a result, they have recorded Pink Floyd's best cd since WYWH.Although there are no songs that go into the double digits, restrain isn't always a bad thing. All 11 songs on "The Division Bell" are consistently good, making good use of acoustic guitars, a variety of pianos and keyboards, and the trademark Gilmour solo. Like evry other Floyd cd, the flow from song to song is a smooth transition, making this 60+ minute CD interesting, without dragging on.The first half of the cd is fairly mellow, with a pair of relaxing instrumentals ("Cluster One", "Marooned"), the soaring ballads ("Poles Apart", "A Great Day For Freedom"), the bluesy "What Do You Want From Me?", and the Richard Wright-penned "Wearing the Inside Out".The second half of the cd have a slew of radio singles, including the upbeat "Keep Talking", the U2-esque ("Take It Back", "Coming Back To Life, "Lost For Words"), and the dramatic finale, "High Hopes". In conclusion, "The Division Bell" is a great way for Pink Floyd to say goodbye.
  • Amanda Hudson - Incredible resource!!After dealing with chronic yeast infections for eight months and trying every medication available, the doctors told me there was nothing more they could do. A friend of my sister in law suggested this book and within 3 days of starting the diet, my symptoms were gone. I'm continuing the diet and just started week three. After I'm finished, I plan on seeing a natural healing doctor to figure out the specifics of what is going on with my body, but if it weren't for this book, I'd still be miserable!
  • M. Bolin - Couldn't be easierMy Norton Internet Security was coming up for renewal (for $49.99), so I decided to take a chance and buy from Amazon (for $14.99) and renew using the product key from that package.
    It came today and I went to Norton, clicked on the upper right (support) and then entered the product code and my e-mail and in no time I had successfully renewed for another year.
    Thanks Amazon and the reviewer who clued me into this option.
  • Douglas E Dieter - Great device. I might be getting a second oneVery easy to set up.
    The user interface is intuitive. The Roku 3 is very fast, too.
    I used my second PC monitor's HDMI input to set everything up before I hooked it up to the TV. Set up was done in a few minutes so I used headphones from the remote to play around awhile. When I hooked it to the TV all I needed to do was apply power and change the TV input and start streaming.

    I'm tempted to get a second one to leave connected to my computer monitor