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  • radiantlynne - Well Done... AGAINTerry Mcmillian has done it again. This is a great book. It highlights life, just as we know it, the ups, the downs, the good times and the bad times. Betty Jean was my the main character and Terry delivers her character in a way that you can feel them in your heart. The only thing I wish she would have elaborated on is how Nurse Kim and Lee David started doing what they were doing. I am already anticipating the movie adapatation of this book!
  • chance - for use Paramedic schoolI am a Paramedic student in my second year of schooling. This book is great for drug profiling. It gives every detail needed about the drug, and then more. The only thing I found peculiar was the fact that Adenosine is listed under: Less commonly used drugs.
  • Patricia Denninghoff - Bloat No MoreThe Plan is the answer to my long history of horrible, painful bloating, embarassing gas, and weight gain although I ate a "healthy" diet (a great fan of Dr. Oz) . I am detoxifying, and learning to eat healthy, tailored for me. It is a process of finding the foods that have caused these terrible reactions in me for 20+ years. It starts with a 4 day diet of foods that are cleansing. Then you are guided through a process of finding the foods that are good for you and the foods that cause a negative reaction. It is a slow process but necessary to test foods one at a time. I lost 5 lbs. in 6 days. As I test foods, I gain 1/2lb, sometimes a whole lb., then loose it the next day when a "friendly day" follows. I was never hungry, the food is delicious, the cravings are gone. The bloating only occurs when I test negatively to a food, a food that I can now avoid because I know just what it is. I have just completed the 21 days that are laid out. I have solved a low level thyroid that didn't show up in blood tests, I am detoxifying from a 5 yr battle with cancer, my cheeks are rosey, my energy level has greatly increased, and I am learning to cook healthy foods that the whole family can enjoy. The recipes in the book are fabulous. I am looking forward to trying a lot of new recipes and more weight loss. My family is happier because the flatulance has gone down to nil. Thank you Lyn-Genet for going on Dr. Oz so I could learn about your book. It's a God send!