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  • Alan L. White "MBA student" - Wow! Just Wow!What an amazing movie! If anyone ever paid $500 a ticket for 3rd row seats like I did, not getting this is a huge mistake. The moment the concert starts, you're there. You can feel the heat from the lights. The crowd's tension is palpable. Everything about this doc is amazing. My wife keeps the soundtrack playing on a loop in her car now. She constantly reminds me it was her best Xmas present.
  • Metalhead - Works Wonderful!Just installed Spyware Doctor w/ Antivirus 2011 and it works wonderful on all 3 systems!! :) Always have been happy w/ this product, unsure why people have such issues w/ this....
  • Stephanie - Gave me my confidence back!As a female, I have always struggled with my weight, especially belly fat. I used to dance, so since quitting, weight had definitely become a concern. After trying this for just a couple months, I stopped eating for boredom and found myself feeling thinner and losing the belly fat that I always hated. I would not recommend any other weight loss product!
  • Corry L. Lee - It made me laugh. It made me cry. It kept me up past my bedtime.Taft 2012 is a wonderful novel. The characters are real and genuine, the pacing is quick, and the prose is delightful. I read this novel primarily in a coffee shop--I couldn't put it down long enough to go home--and people kept coming up to me asking what I was reading. From grimaces to surprised "ha's" to outright laughter to fighting back tears, this is a book that delivers. As the Publishers Weekly review says, this book is eminently relevant to the 2012 election season, but it's more than that. It's a fabulous novel well worth the read.

    I look forward to more of Jason Heller's novels to come!
  • David Friedman - I didn't have problems migrating from 2010 to 2013Sure, nobody likes paying a maintenance fee disguised as a product upgrade. But I can't consider $30 / year terribly expensive.

    Unlike some of the reviewers here, I did not experience any problems upgrading from Quicken 2010 Home & Business to Quicken 2013 Premier. I took the precaution of removing password protection before the migration, as per the advice of some reviewers.

    I use Quicken primarily to track investments. I do not use budgeting or any of the checking account features (I prefer to maintain control over my day-to-day checking account, and do not bother entering information from it). So I cannot comment on any of the problems others have experienced with these features). I am on Windows 7. Performance of Quicken 2013 is the same as that of Quicken 2010 -- no problems there.

    The only tweak I had to make after the flawless install and conversion was to register accounts I had flagged as "Do not include in Net Worth", in Quicken 2010, which is gone in Quicken 2013, as "Separate" accounts. The appearance of these accounts on the account list has changed. Where formerly they appeared as disabled grey, they now appear in a separate section at the bottom of the account list. No big deal. In both cases such accounts are not included in the total Net Worth figures.