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  • ChillyWiIlly - MUST READ! WELL RESEARCHED!As a BookSeller, I see alot of Books every month. I have read bits and pieces of Coulter's Books before. This is the First Coulter Book I read in it's entirety.

    As a Registered Democrat..I have to say that most of the things that Coulter says are true.
    The Progressives have overtaken the Democrat Party. They use the cry of "Racism" whenever possible. My entire family voted for Obama in 2008. I did not. My entire family will vote for Romney this time...all are registered Democrats. They will NOT be fooled or manipulated again by the likes of Al Sharpton and Obama.

    Additionally, ALL the 1 Star Reviews were written by Left Wing Extremist Progressives. They say they are for truth and justice. However, Left Wing Progressives always try to supress information that is potentially damaging to their causes. This was seen time and time again with the "most transparent administration" of Obama.
  • Maranda M. Richardson - Bizarre world, bizarre creaturesParasite Rex, a title that is inspired by some of the earth's most fear and, surprisingly, awe inducing creatures. This book has got it all--both the gruesome and disgusting facts along with the make-one-stop-and-ponder ones as well.
    What made this book such a good read was that it incorporated both the facts but an interesting story as well. It read as an adventure, the reader being guided by Zimmer through the journey that he took to discover the many different parasites and their individual lifestyles. The start of the book is with how the parasites got their claim to fame and how the term parasite has gained the negative connotation. Next the reader is presented with numerous tales that different parasites embark on. For example, one learns about Trichinella and how parasites find one another. The reader is told to, "Apply the Fantastic Voyage method: It would be as if you were thrown down into a dark cavernous tunnel twelve miles long, lined on all sides with slippery, tightly packed, man-sized mushrooms,"(29). Knowing that at the end of the journey, the parasite miraculously does manage to find another of its own kind.
    More intriguing knowledge is spread as the reader continues and learns that parasites are not just little worms that suck the blood out of you. Parasites are brilliant masterminds that can turn their host into a personal puppet, and themselves take the role as the puppet master. Some parasites can transform male crabs, virtually into females, so the parasite has a place for its eggs, which place is the new space it created in the male body. Parasites can even make pill bugs crawl over lighter colored gravel, making them more susceptible to being eaten by a bird, the thing that the parasite wants to happen.
    Even with all of the horror stories that are told and facts that are laid out, the reader has the opportunity to see how parasites positively affect different ecological systems and the important role that they play in keeping everything in line.
    This book will change how one sees the world, how one can look at an animal and not notice it for the animal that it is but rather, wonder what kind of parasite it is plagued with. After all, if one stops to ponder on it, "It is we who are the parasites, and the Earth the host," (245).
  • Kyliegirl - Healing and inspiringI think this is Lamott's best work, or at least my favorite of all the great pages she’s written (Traveling Mercies is one of my all-time favorites). The writing in Stitches is deep and thoughtful and funny, and there’s a quotable moment approximately every fourth line. This might be the best meditation I’ve read on handling the awful reality that comprises so much of life. Inspiring and hopeful, and yet very, very real. I’m grateful for Lamott’s generosity as she shares what she’s learned about living in this tension. I’m ordering my own copy (the first was from the library) so I can cover it with notes & highlighter. Highly, highly recommend.