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  • Joy A. Murphy "Joy" - Excellent ProductI ordered this program through Amazon and downloaded to one of my computers. It was extremely easy to install and run. It did such an amazing job on one of our desk tops, I bought another license to clean up our other. I cannot believe how much faster our computers are running. Now that they are cleaned up, I can maintain by simply using the "Magic Button" feature that automatically scans, diagnosis, cleans, defrags and optimizes. I highly recommend this product ! !PC Tune-Up v.2012 [Download]
  • Mrs Pink - Love it.I love my kindle. I love how they organize the apps for you. Its very smooth, no hangups. Not the best to read on, its more of a tablet than an ereader. Too much glare. As android tablets go its great, you can't beat the price.
  • HesaidShesaid - Awesome Game. Must BuyGreat game. I was a bit skeptical at first since I have never owned a work out video game. But I read lots of reviews about this game on this websit and other ones too. So I bought the game and it's excellent. It really kicked my butt the first day. I didn't think I was working out that hard and I was sore.. And I am an active person too run 5x week etc.. just needed some extra at home exercises to do. This beats the price of a gym membership.

    Must buy.

  • Joe Brand - Zealot—an excellent read for a seasoned ChristianMy conclusion is that Aslan is well qualified as an intellectual biblical scholar. His description of the times of Jesus is excellent. He provides a very enlightening review of the Roman occupation through the destruction of the temple and near eradication of the Jerusalem versions of Judaism and Christianity.

    Although (as far as I can tell) his historical facts are quite accurate and well referenced, he draws some unsubstantiated, reasonable conclusions that are at odds with traditional Christian thinking. I do not consider this a problem for the seasoned Christian since it is fairly easy to separate facts from the author’s speculations. However, for a new or nave Christian, the book may be problematic. There are several conclusions at odds with traditional Christian thinking: Jesus saw himself as a political messiah, who would usher in the kingdom of God; i.e., he would lead a revolt in order to restore Israel to be under God’s control. He meant what he said (literally) with the quote, “I come not to bring peace but a sword.” He did not consider himself divine nor to be the savior of the world. Aslan considered the religion of Paul to be quite at odds with that of Jesus and his immediate followers. He presents a very interesting discussion of a bitter divide between Paul and the Jerusalem Christian leaders that is only hinted at in Scripture.

    On the other hand, Aslan makes no attempt to minimize Jesus’ reputation as a divine healer, and does not deny the resurrection. He seems to accept post resurrection experiences of disciples without endorsing the resurrection as historical.

    Even though many of my convictions are at odds with Aslan’s, I give his book five stars because it is very interesting, enlightening, and challenging. Aslan is to be commended for sharing his extensive research and thoughtful conclusions.