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  • Lover of Books - NORTON INTERNET SECURITY IS THE BEST!We've been purchasing Norton Security Products for several years now, and the Norton 360 Premier ever since the product has been available.

    We love the automatic updates, the web browser security, and the fact we can get online chat help for free. And I ABSOLUTELY love the Password and Credit Card programs and protection and the backup is wonderful as well!

    We purcase the CD each year instead of downloading updates because we like having the CD on hand just in case.
  • youngmommy - im so happy i took the chanceOk so i bought fertilaid and took it for two weeks 3 pills a day and i had no side effects until two later i started getting really bad mood swings and started throwing up so i stop taking them but after a week i was still sick and getting worsr.so my husband told me to take s preg test i didn't want to see another negative test but i did and for the girst time ever after trying for a year i got my first positive
  • S. Inches "solution finder" - Understand the change that surrounds usThis book is a must read if you want to understand the social implications of social media. This book helped me understand why newspapers are obsolete, and how the newspaper business missed the opportunity to own on-line classified advertising. Even more profound, this book shows how social media in the hands of ordinary people has shifted the power in journalism, and in some cases has shifted the power relationship between government and the governed. Social media is facilitating profound changes in what we do and how we do it, and this book articulates why this is so in clear, compelling language. A thoroughly enjoyable read if you are interested in a deeper perspective on what is going on in the world today.
  • TheMysteriousGopher - 50 Shades of GreyI decided to purchase this book on a whim, after finding a used copy listed for 0.01 + $3.99 shipping. I was surprised to discover how much I like the book! One of my friends read a preview of this book, and she dismissed E.L. James as writing childishly and saying that the plot was unenjoyable. However, this book kept me excitedly waiting on the edge of my seat, each time I started a new chapter, or even turned the page. I can now understand why this book has created such a phenomenon, and such a cult following. The slight cliffhanger ending only leaves you wanting more.
  • NANCYJO - Beautiful Book, didn't want it to endI follow Susan on her Blog, which I love reading. So I knew this book was coming out and could hardly wait to get it. I pre-ordered it,and when it came I read it in a day, couldn't put it down. Some books, after I read them I give away, this one is a keeper.I felt like I was really in England with her as I was reading it. Thankyou Susan, enjoyed the trip.