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  • D. Atwood - Based on actually playing the game, it's lots of funDon't be fooled by the masses who attacked this game with bad reviews without even playing it, just because they are philosophically opposed to DRM.

    Is that the most important factor? No. This is a game, and games are judged on whether or not they are fun. Spore is fun.

    The creature creator alone makes this software worth purchasing. It's easy to lose yourself for hours experimenting with the creator to see what you can make. Everything you create can then be shared with other players of the game, so somewhere out there someone will be playing the game with your creations showing up in their world.

    The first stage - playing a single celled organism in the tidal pool - is the same mindless fun of the old arcade game Chomp. You swim around, eat as much as you can, grow as fast as you can, and try to avoid being eaten. Break it up with the occasional trip into the creature creator to evolve your creature with new parts, or just move your parts around and change your coloration. Once you have the hang of it, you'll probably be going back to collect all the achievements possible in that stage.

    Each successive stage gets more complicated in gameplay, and the available options for tweaking things in the creator mode get more and more advanced. Just as your creature evolves, so does the gameplay, growing from classic arcade style to advanced strategy sim.

    You can pretty much jump in to the game at almost any level (Space stage needs to be unlocked though gameplay) so you can focus on the part that is most fun for you. If you like creating, you can spend all your time making creatures, buildings, cars, boats, planes, and spaceships. If you like strategy games, you can focus on the civilization stage. Or you can play straight through from single-celled organism to intergalactic conqueror.
  • Splash - This is awesomeI just bought this tablet and I'm very happy with it. It does everything I want it to do. I did a LOT of research before choosing it, and chose it over the iPad because it's Android and because it offers Flash and most of all, with the keyboard, USB ports. I'm going to be traveling with this and have loaded lots of movies, music, books, and docs onto a USB flash drive, so I don't have to rely on WiFi. I got the 64 GB because it was basically the same price as the more popular 32 GB that was hard to find. I know they are going to replace this one soon, but I needed something NOW and couldn't wait. I'm super happy with it so far. I didn't want to pay more than retail for the keyboard, so had to buy that elsewhere (Best Buy). Am disappointed that others are trying to take advantage of people by charging up to $100 more than retail.
  • R. Reece - This lens is a must-have for your Digital Rebel, XT or 20DI recently bought a Canon Digital Rebel XT, and have really been enjoying it, but wheh I got this lens, the camera became a whole new experience!

    All the reviews I read were so great, I knew I was going to love it, but actually using it has been an unexpectedly amazing experience. At 10mm, you see everything. I immediately took shots of various rooms in my house, my back yard-in-the-woods pond, trees, buildings... All I can say is buy this lens!

    It's fast, quiet, amazingly versatile, and the image quality you'll get from it is superb! It's a shame to have a great Canon digital SLR camera and never have the opportunity to experience this lens.
  • DC Avid Reader - OUTSTANDING READ!!Ms. Terry McMillan has done it again with her signature style writing. She tells the story of a Grandmother (Betty Jean), tasked with the raising of her two grandsons, caring for a ailing husband, a strong mother figure for her daughter and son, who both have some serious issues, and dealing with her two sisters and their sibling rivalries. This book is so very true to life and mirrors many of the issues that plague the African American family today. Betty Jean exemplifies a strong Black woman and endures a great deal in this book, but in the end, she comes out like a beautiful flower, that has just blossomed from a bud. I can not wait for Ms. McMillan's next novel.
  • elpadre44 - Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe by AmazonI had to replace my computer recently but my old Card program was no longer on the market. I purchased the above product and found it far superior to my last one. I can recommend the product as really amazing for what one can accomplish by using this product and can honestly say that all purchasers will certainly not be disappointed.