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  • Beth DeRoos "Mother LodeBeth from the Califor... - Americans Test Kitchen has done a GREAT cookbook....againJust when you wonder if the American Test Kitchen cook books can get any better they do. Love using my new slow cooker and this cookbook is packed with some great recipes.

    Our family and friends have LOVED the Beef Oxtail Soup, Braised Chicken Sausage with White Bean Ragout, Individual Ricotta Spinach and Egg Casserole.

    The Moroccan Chicken Stew and New Mexican Red Pork Chili were favorites of mine. And while I am not a big dessert person I recommend their Bourbon Bread Pudding on page 300.

    There are vegan, vegetarian and meat recipes so something for everyone in this wonderful cookbook.

    Also like how ATK does these tidbits where they share information on what brands of canned items tested higher, or that there are different types of chorizo, Mexican, Spanish, Argentinean, Columbian.

    And bravo to whomever did the photography. The photos are so clean and crisp and the finished product you make will look like what is shown in the photograph.
  • Sarah Langdon - GreatObviously a must have for every medical student! Great review of topics and ways to memorize things for Step 1. Obviously not to be used to learn the information though, it is not in as much depth.
  • BrandonT. - The Noticer Returns is Perfect Timing for my Family!I wish I would have read all of Andy's books 7 years ago. The truth and principals that he brings to light would have saved me a lot of head aches and heart aches. As my wife and I pray about starting a family and becoming parents this book could not have come at a better time. Not only is the story relevant and empowering, but it's fun to read. The ending is magical and will leave you stunned and inspired to live your life. I'm thankful for this book!

  • Rachel Clark - AMAZING!!!I have been using Dan's Regimen for a week now...already with incredible, natural results!!! I am completely blown away! His approach of "less-irritation=less-acne" couldn't be more spot-on. His products are mild, soothing, and clean. They do not cause any future acne: this is a problem caused by most OTC "acne" products. Dan's Regimen has allowed my skin to naturally clear up and function correctly on its own. In just one week, I can tell my skin is on the right path now. It feels refreshed, not irritated (even with his mild benzyl peroxide treatment) and all previous acne is healing up and the correlating red marks have almost entirely faded---IN ONE WEEK.

    As a hail-mary I bought The Regimen. I have been battling regular acne combined with cystic acne for years...I was 16 when it started and I am now 23. I have gone to dermatologists and tried Minocycline, Spironolactone and Hormones (birth control)--all with SOME results, however the side effects created with these methods were not ideal and ultimately decided to stop screwing with my body, the way any oral medication will--These medications don't JUST attack bacteria on skin, the entire body will have some response because the medication has to pass through your entire digestive system and blood stream before it even reaches your skin....scary! I have also tried every drug store regimen. Salicylic acid drys and causes my skin to flake with ultimately no noticeable clearing. Messing around with the strengths of benzyl peroxide was not fun either: anything higher than 2.5% would dry and irritate my skin and those effects would last for weeks. Not to mention, a small 1oz tube of benzyl peroxide bought from the drug store is at an equivalent price to the 8oz tube in this package. Exfoliants left my skin feeling fresh and smooth initially, but by the end of the day, I could tell another breakout was coming. Any OTC moisturizer would either not do the job, or leave my skin oily and cause even more breakouts. Terrible rollercoaster.

    At first I was skeptical of Dan's instructions to use 2 pumps of moisturizer, not rub it in, and allow your skin to naturally absorb. It felt like I had a mask on my face, but sure enough, my skin soaked it in thoroughly! This moisturizer feels like it soothes and heals my skin...without being too dense and messy! I feel my skin is finally properly hydrated, without the worry of breakouts that usually correlate with "hydration". Even with makeup, it creates a great base!!!

    I understand that in one week it could be hard to tell the lasting effects of these products. That being said, I plan on reviewing again in a couple of months to keep everyone posted.

    But this initial relief and excitement could not go unshared!!! I recommend this product entirely. And thus far, it has been a saving grace in a long-fought battle!