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  • Y. R. Wu "The will to win is nothing without ... - Top quality ball.....won't crack like the cheaper balls, tougher than the Baden Z-SeriesI've coached my daughter's team for about four years and we often see that after a couple of seasons, the covers of the cheaper balls start to crack and you get a really nasty ball. This is particularly true if they are "Shiny" - the plastic skin wears at the seams and starts to peel. Yuck.

    The Baden Z-series PU cushioned are the ones that the league provides us with. These last the longest on turf use, though the covers can tear or abrade if the kids kick them against buildings or on pavement.

    This Adidas ball seems to be a good balance - it's a cushioned PU skin, but tougher than the Baden. Still, if your kids are going to play on pavement or dirt/rocks, get a cheap ball with the tougher skin.
  • Eugenia Siza - Pocket Drug Guide for NursesI like the book, but it is a lot thicker than the 2005 version that I have, probably more drugs are out now. More indexes added but they left out the ones I liked in the 2005 version.
  • A. Logan - Perfect for bigger babies!I have a 13 month old that is already 32 inches tall and weighs right at 30 lbs. I planned on extended rear facing until he was at least 3 years old, if not longer depending on how the limits of his car seat. If he continued to grow at the rate he was and followed in his daddy's footprints with growth, he would have probably outgrown his cosco convertible by 2. I went on a mission to find the highest rated erf car seat. I chose the Foonf, because of the high ratings on weight and height. I wasn't too excited with the price, but because it out rated other seats by 5 lbs, it seemed like the most logical choice. When I received it, I was afraid that it would be too high in my 2005 chevy malibu, but it fit just fine. I'm only 5'2 and can still see out the back window without any problems. It took some adjusting for my son to get used to how high up it sat, but he has no problems using it now. When you receive it, if you need to install the rebound bar, definitely have someone strong help install it. I couldn't get enough weight behind it to get it to click, but my husband installed it without any problems. I love the Foonf!
  • Terry Hashley "Malhovic" - Issues Resolved and Wonderfully Working ProductMy experience has been very good with Quicken products. I waited a little while to purchase the 2013 edition due to the concerns people had with some of the features (mainly the online sync for mobile access) and now that they've had time to work out the bugs from the production environment I have to say it is a great product.

    I've tried a few other products in lieu of the Quicken line and always end up coming back due to its usability, product feature set and the support it has.

    Thanks for making a great product Quicken, and thank you for supporting it properly for your customer base!
  • Mela Ansmith "Dream Seeker" - Bloom where you are planted!I Had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie Ralston at the Los Poblanos Lavender Festival in Albuquerque. A friend had told me Jeannie's story, and I found it so intriguing that I bought her book on the spot. I could hardly wait to read it. Coincidentally, I was reading a mystery novel about lavender in the Texas hill country, a perfect segue! Her willingness to relocate with her husband, her acceptance of moving into a barn being remodeled... warts and all, this woman is very committed to her marriage. Her struggle to have children made the birth of her sons poignant. I grieved with Jeannie and her family over the loss of their beloved pets. Getting into lavender farming... what a dream! And she left it all. For something better. I loved this book; I treasure it!