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Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology - Medical Testing Laboratory : DHM Website - We are a medical testing laboratory based in Macquarie Park, Sydney, New South Wales, employing over 2500 staff. Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology is committed to providing quality pathology services to general practitioners, medical specialists, nursing homes and private hospitals in metropolitan and regional areas of New South Wales.


Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: 2113 Ryde, New South Wales

  • tamie_regnere@filemaker.com - Characters you want to stay in touch with.It is true you become a part of these people and the town. I look forward to my reading time but I'm getting depressed that I'm almost done with the fourth book in the series "Out to Canaan. Good news I see another book is coming out in April 1999 "A New Song" it starts where Out to Canaan leaves off.
  • Dorothy Lynn Paolillo "Lynn" - Powerwash for your mouth!!This is the best! Professional quality cleaning. I had tried a waterpic from the drugstore and it had a very small reservoir and was much too gentle to accomplish much. The Hydrofloss is terrific. Large reservoir to get the job done in one go, adjustable "powerwash" feature, and it stays plugged in - no recharging batteries!!
    Highly recommend!!
  • Elizabeth - OMG - This sets a new standard for DVD concertsWords cannot describe how incredible this concert is. You will be 1/2 way through it and say this is the greatest concert I have ever seen and realize the the 2nd playlist is even better. You will be 1/2 way through the 2nd playlist and be amazed. During the 2nd 1/2 of the 2nd playlist you will be speechless! Rush performs on their instruments like never before. The crowd is incredible. Buy this if you even like Rush a little!

    I am also buying the Blu-Ray. I was originally ticked that they missed the blu-ray date. But you can have my money for both! You can have all my money - please don't stop releasing records and performing concerts!
  • Carla Dowd - My daughter studied this publication more than her school work!We have oodles of college look books having been through this process a time or two and this is by far the best guide. It was suggested by a family member and I didn't think it could be any better than what we already had ... But it is. It's clear, easy to follow structured format is great but the most helpful part amazingly, is the anecdotal commentary from actual students. A terrific resource!