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  • C. F. Field "Grampa Fred F" - Amazing young ladyThis book is not at all graphic. It deals more with Elizabeth's mental feelings as she endured 9 months of abuse, filth, long periods without food or water, boredom, fear, and missing her family. The audio book is apparently read by Elizabeth herself. I bought the hard cover and read it all over 2 days. I admire her strength.
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  • L. Desantis - A welcome reassurance amidst the web of tulle and organza-induced stressI purchased this book shortly after I got engaged this Summer, and it really helped me ease into the transition of being a newly engaged fiancee. I'm the type to worry about just about anything you could think of, so it was almost expected that I wouldn't have the stereotypical fairytale feelings when faced with such a monumental life change.

    This book reaches a niche that, I'm coming to understand, is anything but. Brides-to-be aren't allowed to feel any remorse or suddenly they're bombarded with gasps of, "you're not having second thoughts, are you??" This book gives the bride to be the reassurance that it is not only perfectly normal to have a spectrum of emotions, both good and bad, when in this transition, but that it's something that is virtually essential in order to enter a marriage with a clear mind, ready to take on the life of a bride.

    Fiancees, fiances, mothers, fathers, children, anyone impacted by an engagement can benefit from reading this book. Like other readers, I didn't identify with every last thing in the book, but I understood the importance of all of it and found it very comforting and eye-opening.

    After reading this book, I can now say that I face my wedding day with a better sense of self, expectations for the engagement process, and a better understanding of why some women turn into 'bridezillas' without ever knowing it (hopefully this will not be me at all!).

    If you are excited about your engagement and can't imagine a second thought in your mind, or if you are worried and feeling misunderstood, you will benefit from this book. It will help all brides to be to understand and appreciate the monumental rite of passage that is being a modern day fiancee.