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  • roy rogers - Killer Awesome!This is one of Ted Dekker's best! Having just previously read the Circle Series, a lot of people warned me that the next Dekker book I read would be a little bit of a letdown after the Circle Series. They were 100 percent wrong!!! This book is amazingly awesome!!!!! There are some major cool things towards the end of the book.............5 stars from me!!!!!
  • TEXASSUSAN - For Every WomanRepHresh provides a balanced PH without the use of Estrogen. It feels like a woman's natural lubrication and feels and smells wonderful. It was ok'd by my doctor for use after extensive surgery. There are no con(s), only pro(s) and that is highly unusual. After 9 months usage, I will remain a Rephresh customer......
  • Susan M. Reid "Susan Reid" - Move Over Teddy Bear, Can't Sleep Without my Sunbeam MicroplushI purchased this (and a lot of other gizmos and treatments) in search of relief from pain from a pinched nerve in my neck a couple of months ago. This gadget and physical therapy were the only helpful things. I'm still sleeping most nights in a recliner, with my Sunbeam Microplush heating pad thrown over the back. It has provided a great deal of relief.