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  • Scott Fuller - Good product & ServiceIt was delivered very fast which I much appreciated as I was on my last few days.

    After reading a few reviews on loading problems I decided to remove old Norton product from computer and then load the new one. Voila, worked like a charm that way. No problems and now protected for coming year.
  • Keisha Broomes - True-to-life book on family, pain, and eventual healingI've been a Terry McMillan fan since Mama, and this book did not disappoint me. This book was in some ways, a breath of fresh air, because it's a bit different than the flood of books filled with fabulous characters, romance, money, jet-setting, and character's living lives that most of us will never experience. Honestly, I think many of us know people like the characters in the book: hotel workers and neighbors, nurses and social workers, drug addicts, Christians, older people with dementia, pain-in-the behind siblings, weak-willed children, relatives with alternative lifestyles, and so on.

    Betty Jean was so real, I felt she could have been a cousin or aunt. Betty Jean was a hard-working woman with problems. I think this may have been the first book I've ever read that showed a mother with honest feelings of disappointment for how her children turned out. Terry presented a book that told a fundamental truth for all parents: we can try our very best, but we have less control over our children's choices than we like to think. After reading this book, I thought, "Thank God, somebody said it. It had to be said."
  • Christine C. Henne - Worth REading.I love the humor and the insight that this wonderful woman expressed in the book. Her focus was more on the importance of practicing her beliefs and how they supported her during this horrible time. I felt like I was with her and all the troubles and then giggling when her captors were in trouble.
    I felt joyful and also her family was so strong despite the horrible media coverage.

    Worth reading because of the reaffirmation in the strength of belief in God.
  • Michael P. Maslanka - Masterpiece of a war novelThis book belongs with "Red Badge of Courage" and "All Quiet on the Western Front." There are two strains to it. The first is a fresh assessment of history:Meade was a solid general, the right man in the right place;Lee was vain and prideful;Hancock was brave but almost lost the battle by ordering atrillery to fire too soon during Picket's charge. The second, though, is the book's literary quality:you will not forget his description of how men die nor the stink or shit of battle. He is that good a writer. And there are lines that are gems of writing, as in describing Longstreet, before the charge:"his eyes ere dreadful, those of a preacher abandonded to Satan's mercy." First rate.