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  • Dean D - Goodbye Canon SLR and Samsung HD Camcorder, hello Lumix G5!I have had a Canon T1i with a Tamron 18-270 lens for about 3 years, and was originally skeptical of the mirrorless 4/3 technology.

    I recently started using a Panasonic Lumix G5, and am blown away!
    Amazing pictures, great low-light performance, SUPER-fast auto-focus, etc.
    It's smaller and lighter than my SLR, and has plenty of lense choices to suit any shooting situation.
    The live-view screen with histogram, has me finally using the camera in a mode other than full-auto.... extra cool that you get the same view on an very bright, high-resolution live view finder.
    The creative features, particularly one-point color, make shooting fun, and save me from having to manipulate images in software.

    The video quality, Full HD at 1080p (60fps) is AWESOME... I'd recently bought a Samsung HD camcorder, and the G5 is SO much better, and let's me take just ONE DEVICE with me (no more lugging both SLR and camcorder.

    Menus are attractive and easy to use, and the touch-screen focus option works for both still and videos, which is much easier to use than trying to change the focus point in my SLR.

    Keep an eye out for a Canon/Tamron SLR and Samsung on ebay, because I have no use for them after getting used to my G5!
  • Ry - Perfection...I am an IT and long time Asus fan. I've owned many laptops, desktops, phones, ect. By far this is top 3 best purchases I have ever made (Docking station included.) The tablet has no limit and the Android market is full of apps.
    I can't compare this to any tablets because it is the first for me to own. I didn't want to go with the standard APPLE iPad because I am discontent with their products. After doing a lot of research this baby by far topped the charts for what I was looking for.

    -Minor complaint about the Amethyst. I am not a fan of the color but I couldn't buy it in the Silver/Champagne because I'd hate for it to get confused with an iPad.

    -Great for trips! I am in the Navy and I take this thing every time we go underway. It's full of apps and with the docking station I can plug in my external hard drive and watch videos to keep me entertained.
    -Compact. It fits in the smallest of nooks and with the limited space I have it works much better than my 17.3in laptop.
    -Superb battery life
    -Wifi works. Some users have reported Wifi and GPS issues. I haven't experienced any issues with Wifi other than distance. I didn't expect this thing to have a OMG SUPER AMAZING wireless card. As far as GPS goes I haven't used it.
    -Media plays flawlessly on this tablet.
    -Filesystem. You are able to access the file system and move apps, photos, music, videos, games, ect. around freely without a "jailbreak."

    As an Asus fanboy I am quite pleased with the product. The only issue I have is the color but I bought it knowing that. It was fixed with the case and I can always buy a skin for it.