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D2 medical centre, medical centre in Dublin 2, family practice, GP, doctor in Dublin Ireland - D2 medical is a medical centre located on Fitzwilliam street upper Dublin 2. General family practice, baby and travel vaccine and much more. GP available during opening hours in Dublin 2 Ireland. Doctors available in Dublin 2 Ireland.


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  • L. Carroll - As good as they say!I was very skeptical after seeing the infomercials, and I had been foolish enough to try competitor Sheer Cover and gotten burned. Sheer Cover was terrible and really difficult to apply. I have mild to severe acne that has left many spots of hyperpigmentation, as well as the pimples themselves. So, when I was at a mall and came across and actual Bare Escentuals store, I decided, what the heck, I'd give it a try to really see if the infomercial could be believed.

    Holy cow! I have never encountered a single product that covered all my flaws so well! I didn't even need to use the concealer! The "artist" in the store showed me how to apply it, then made me do it myself, so I could see just how easy it was. Just the flawless face brush and concealer brush were all I needed. The mineral veil is a godsend. It eliminated the look of my shiny, blackhead-covered nose! It's the best I've ever looked in my life!

    I was on a cloud walking around the rest of the day. Everyone was giving me compliments, it was AMAZING how much of a difference it made in not only my appearance, but in my confidence.

    Now I have sensitive skin too, so I don't know what all the negative reviews are talking about when they say it irritates your skin...All I know is that the next day, when I put on my regular ol' makeup, I knew there was no contest and I ordered my bare Minerals that day. There was no going back after that! I'll never use anything else!

    I will say, go to a BE store, or Sephora or another store that sells it so you can try it yourself first. That's the only way to find the perfect shade for you.
  • Vlado - Good!I have been using 2 of these cards in my tablet and camera. No problems during 1 year and I hope it continues that way. Good writing and reading speeds as well. Recommendation!