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  • LkNunz - Love Timbuk2 Bags..I give this camera bag five stars. I love it. My other camera bag fell apart and based off the other Timbuk2 bag I bought, I purchased this one. I love the fact that they are waterproof and will last you forever. I always tell my kids that these bags are the bomb, meaning they are the best! I don't even look at other brands anymore I love these so much. This bag has an insert for all your camera equipment and a little storage area in the front. It has been perfect for me and I recommend buying one if your in the market for a great made camera bag! 2 thumbs up!
  • Mookies Fan - Oh baby Oh baby!Forget the old heating pads that have the hard plastic edges! This one is soooo soft. It heats extremely well and the timer on it makes it all the better. I bought the first one planning on enjoying it when a week later my mother hurt her back so I passed it on. Now I'm back for another one. There's no way my medical cabinet will be without one of these!
  • Houman - AutoCad LT 2011AutoCad LT is a great product. I tried the less expensive Cad programs that you could buy for fifty or a hundred dollars (which are compatible with DWG files) and they are not built as well as AutoCad LT. If need to work with DWG files on a daily basis I highly recommend AutoCad LT. One difference I have noticed between AutoCad LT 2011 & LT 2008 is that in LT 2011 you can directly import raster images into your DWG files.
  • marian "bookworm" - A novel with a twistFemale real estate agents might think twice holding an open house after reading this novel. The story centers around this agent being kidnapped and forced into a nightmare life with a control freak. I found it hard to put this book down. There always seemed to be something to keep me reading. I would recommend Still Missing to anyone who enjoys a mystery with a twist.
  • John Rivera - Travel though the Time MachineI took my son to the White River show in 2010 and the last show of the tour at The Gorge at George in Washington State. I told my son after the first show that if a DVD came out that it would be a definite "buy it". I saw the Trio for Permanent Waves and Moving Pitchers (Pictures) and lost track of them in the eighties and nineties.
    After watching several of their Rush in Rio and R20 DVD's I thought to myself, "Wow, these guys are better now than when the last time I saw them", I got to see them.
    We had the pleasure of getting 6th row seats for White River Show in Seattle and was totally blown away.
    I have read some negative reviews of The Time Machine Tour by some fans who did not like the set list or some other reason. I say nay nay to the nay sayers.
    This is a band that plays a three hour set and still has another thirteen hours of material they could play. They have been together for over forty years and their body English says that they still they enjoy playing in front of fans and being together on stage. They may have changed their sound through the years but returned to the basics and have never changed their musical ethics.
    The bands video presentations, smart camera angles, pyrotechnics, sound mix, lighting and musicianship made the two shows I went to memorable.

    The DVD is coming out and I have pre-ordered it. Why? Because every time I hear Spirit of Radio I think of "That piece of garbage. That's not garbage, that is a Gefilter, an invention of musical genius" and get goose pimples.

    For you who have never had the pleasure of watching the Toronto Power Trio in action this DVD will the next best thing. It will make want to see them live. The next time they tour, BUY A TICKET.