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  • M. Schaeffer - Fantastic TV - My 2nd LG LED LCDThe only complaint that I have about this TV is the remote. While it is fine as a remote for TV, it is terrible as a text input device. The remote should come with a keypad standard, but LG wants extra money for one. I had an old USB keyboard laying around, so I plugged it into one of the TV's USB input ports. The keyboard worked immediately, no TV reboot or driver install or other silliness required. A keyboard is way better than the remote to input my usernames and passwords for the included Hulu and Netflix apps. The built-in apps for these two services work great and are easy to use for regular Netflix and Hulu subscribers due to the resemblance of the app to the actual website.

    This is a newer TV than my other LG LED LCD, which is a 32" and doesn't have all the features as it is at least a year old. Both TVs work amazingly well as a computer monitor. I use both with my multimedia PCs instead of buying cable TV or satellite. The picture on both my LG TVs is great, the refresh rate is imperceptible even during ultra-high-end graphics displays, the colors are vibrant, the apps on this one work well, the remotes for different versions of the TVs work interchangeably (could be good or bad depending on the number of TVs you have in a small area), and there are no dead pixels or any other technical imperfection that I notice.

    Extremely good buy for the money. 5/5 would buy again in a heartbeat.
  • MagicFad "Magicfad" - Best on the marketMy son is an IT engineer. He uses and repairs many brands of tablets and he thinks this is the best one for reliability, ease of use, and durability.
  • Ernst Zill "Ernie" - Gets the Job DoneI use this product week in week out for three employees and it works perfectly. So far I've been able to file all forms and pay electronically which saves me tons of time. Definitely would recommend it for those still processing payroll manually. Also helps to integrate automatically with Quickbooks.
  • Mike B. - Buying for a friend,I am buying some binders for my dear friend Dr. Ron Paul. I have pleaded with him desperately the entire election that if he wanted to get farther and taken seriously by the media he needs binders, and fill them to the brim with women. However my friend did not want to be swayed by trends and political pressure do do something he simply did not want to do. I am hoping he receives these in time for the election. Still not too late to write him in. Please do not discriminate against my friend Ron Paul because he tried to win this thing without binders. It's a sad day in America. I also tried giving him advice on going to a local soup kitchen and helping cook meals for the the great people of this nation. It's enjoying to help your fellow friends and neighbors. I give this product 5 stars.