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  • Lori Crawford - Sandberg hits the mark on so many relevant topics!This book is a must read for all women! I'd give it a 5+ if I could. I'm actually listening to it for the second time and refer to it often. Sandberg is a brilliant author...she says it like it is. I completely relate to so many points she makes. I'm the type that tends to put myself out there and then will doubt myself for what I have said or done. Now, I hope to think twice about that and, even if I'm nervous, walk around with my head high and display confidence in all situations. Kudos to Sheryl Sandberg and her team...and all the women out there striving for strength and confidence in all areas of their lives!
  • Penn Name - Uranium 4 UranusWhat can I say? I'm on medication that causes severe constipation. I bought this item with one of the recommended applicators. It works like a charm! I've never been happier!!

    Wifey does insist that I use public toilets but that's a small price to pay!
  • Shady - Great drive.I got this drive to add on to my Mac mini media server. I formatted it and started loading it up with rips of my Blu-Rays and DVD's right away. It runs super quiet and fairly cool considering the room my server is in has no A/C. I would definitely purchase another and may do so for iPhoto and iMovie backups.
  • Richard McGaw - Great tutorialI had been trying to learn AutoCad for a long time. I'd go on line and bounce back and forth trying to understand what I should do next and how to do it, only to find myself spending hours looking for an answer to a question. Mr. Gladfelter starts at the beginning and explains the process in a concise, well thought out way. The book explains what does what and alternative ways to achieve the desired result. I'm finally understanding the AutoCad program and how powerful it is and I'm only a third of the way through the book. I could not be more pleased with this learning aid.
  • Hector - Really 4 1/2 stars, but ill give it fivethis album presents rogers first anger at the world on a full scale. attacking people ranging from regular citizens ('sheep') politicians ('dogs') and mary whitehouse and the like ('pigs') this album is also notable for dave's excellent guitar work on all three tracks, but the only thing bad i can say is that roger was taking too much control of the band, and they should have kept the lyrics simpler and more direct, a la DSotM or WYWH. good for someone whos venturing deeper into the world of pink floyd.