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  • Barry Munson - Good starting pointAs others have said this is a good book for beginners in Civil 3D. I found few errors and the example problems worked flawlessly. I purchased another very thick Civil 3D "Bible" and tried to work through the examples, but it would take months to get through. The beauty of this book is that you can read a chapter and get through the problems in 1-3 hours. Within a week or 2, you are done and have a good overview of much of the functionality of Civil 3D. In fact, I found reading the chapter first then going back to work the problems to be a time saver. My recommendation would be to purchase this book and a thorough reference to turn to when you have a specific task or problem not covered in the essentials book.
  • shannonmegan85 - My bibleGreat book. Love how its been updated to include color. A must need for medical school student that are in basic sciences
  • R. Krishnan - Give it a chance!Purchased from Ebuyer on 12th, received on 13th, OTA firmware and ICS upgrade without hitch. Top notch performance, wifi excellent both near and far from router (wifi matches my SGS2), GPS outside house locks, inside is hit and miss (only rarely use GPS, SGS2 works for me). Excellent build quality, gave my iPad2 to missus but she wanted the Prime instead after looking at it! Yes, a lot of people have issues and they have my sympathy. Apple brings out crap products too, don't forget "antenna gate", at least Asus acknowledges the issues, doesn't ask you to hold the tablet in a particular way. Dock is great, screen is good, I am happy overall. I own several Powerbooks, Macbooks, iPods, iPhones and an iPad2. I think Android is maturing rapidly and I have switched back to Win7 and over to Android. Competition does work!!

    Update 24 January:

    Unfortunately I had to return it due to 4 separate pixel defects (one was a 3mm bright white splotch, other 3 tolerable) plus random reboots after updating to ICS. Ebuyer collected, checked, confirmed and refunded without the slightest quibble. Great dealer and great looking product but QC issues became apparent a few days after use. So first impressions are not always "lasting" impressions at least in this case. To be fair, I then purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet from another dealer, got scammed with obviously used item instead of brand new and still waiting for refund.

    Gone off android tablets for a while, wouldn't touch "fruit company" products with a barge pole now after many years of toeing the line, had enough of form over function. I have ordered a Samsung series 7 slate now, double the price but if the new build SS7's are free of QC issues, I will stick with it. I am glad the majority of people getting the ATP now seems to have trouble free product. I do a lot of writing and MS OneNote has served me well in the past and I know it will continue to do so now on the Slate despite trade-off in size/weight/battery life. I really hope QC is good!
  • Cute Chihuahua - I love my Café Latte machine and I use it daily. I only wish it was dishwasher safe.I love my coffee and I and I am always looking for something new to try. I especially love my coffee with chocolate, whether in a mocha, frappe or latte. I already have the Mr. Coffee Frappe maker and I have enjoyed it for about the last year. So when I saw that they were coming out with a Latte machine I was very excited. This Latte maker comes with a small recipe book that contains 20 recipes. 14 of them are coffee recipes, 3 of them are tea recipes and the other 3 are hot chocolate recipes. In about 5 minutes you can make about two, one cup servings. You add your coffee or espresso and your water to the top of the machine. Your milk and other ingredients like chocolate or vanilla are added to the pitcher. Then you turn it on the latte function and pull down the lever to start it. It will heat and froth the milk and then it will brew your coffee and combine it into the pitcher. You can make a single serving or a double serving. It makes a better froth when you make only one serving at a time. When you make a double serving the milk level is higher and the frother isn't quite as effective but it's still good either way. The process takes about 4-5 minutes total. The machine uses small 4 cup filters that can be purchased at any grocery store or you can purchase a Mr. Coffee permanent filter but it is not included with this machine. My one and only complaint about this machine is that it's not dishwasher safe. You can put the coffee filter basket in the dishwasher but not the pitcher or lid. Luckily it's very easy to clean as long as you don't let it sit for long.

    This machine looks very nice and is well made. It is backed by a 1 year limited warranty and I know that they honor their warranty. I also own a Mr. Coffee Frappe maker and pitcher broke. They mailed me a entire new machine no questions asked and I was very happy with their customer service.

    I have enjoyed trying different recipes but the chocolate latte recipe is my favorite. With some practice you just might find that you prefer making your own latte to your favorite coffee house. This latte maker is a little costly but I love it and have used it nine of the last ten days straight so it's well worth it to me.