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  • I. lockett - Sades Bring Me Home DVDAbsolutely love love love it. Saw her in Anaheim 2011 and pre ordered the DVD same week. Forgot about it until it came in the mail yesterday and I canceled out an event to watch it in awe. The extras are perfect, lots of shots of the Goddess being human, in slippers, head scarf, practicing with voice cracking a bit....very lovely. I think Ila is in a few shots, or at least a very pretty teen who looks like Sade texting nonstop. I got the feeling there is a lot of love, joking and support in this group. I adore the way her stage people hold her hand as she runs btw sets and the three second crew is an amazing talented bunch! I laughed, I cried and most of all I appreciate the intimate peek this group whom I have admired since I first saw them live back in the 1980's
  • Jason Miller - I love AndroidThis is the greatest tablet ever. Cheaper easier and fastrer than the ipad. It is my new computer I hardly even open my laptop now.
  • Carol Gottlieb "Shopper Galore" - works great and is quick and easyi didn't know quite what to expect from a streaming media player, but decided to try it. it was very easy to connect and to set up -- online was very easy and it worked well right after that. I have noticed sometimes I get a slow down during the streaming, but that could part of my network. i just wish there would be a way (I just may too ignorant in this) to 'disable' it so that it was not always connected and using bandwidth.
  • Stephen - Most lightweight & comfortable shoes I've ever hadThese are the third pair I have purchased. I started with the first Go Walk and it was love at each step. When "2" came along I purchased a second pair (grey). I wear these everyday and finally wore out my original pair, black of course, and so I bought these. I was surprised at the savings I made buying on Amazon. Hey! Hey!