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  • tabby - The Number 7This book kept me turning page after page with the interesting story plot and the amusing & sharp witted dialogue / narration of Willow Chance and her counselor Dell Duke.

    The story is of Willow Chance, a recent adopted orphan, (complicated isn't it) - she is an orphan who was adopted but her adopted parents died in a car accident. She is a genius in her own ways - obsessed and in love with the number 7 as she was born on the 7th day of the 7th month amongst other things, and was fixated with her plants.

    Follow her in her journey as she continues her life without her parents and subsequently getting another set of guardians.

    Recommended for young readers age 7 and up. =)
  • John McCulley - Better than an Ipad!We have 2 Ipads, 2 Kindles, and a Kindle fire. The Samsung tablet is superior to all. First, Samsung makes one of the finest TV displays available. The display on this tablet is no exception. The colors are vivid and bright. Text is crisp. The software is far more intuitive to use then the Ipad and thankfully you're not hobbled with Apple and ITunes. Web pages load very quickly. Much faster in side-by-side comparisons with the Ipad. My daughters and I purchased the Samsung for my wife for Mother's Day. My wife is very busy and doesn't spend much time with electronic devices therefore purchasing the Samsung was a risk. She took to it immediately! Initially she used it to pay bills and go to a few websites. Now she watches Amazon videos(amazingly clear with no hesitation) and reads her books on the Samsung tablet. Excellent tablet, highly recommended!
  • Sischelle "sischelle" - I am crying!!!!This book has given me so many emotions. It is so thought provoking and enlightening!! You find yourself in a little of each of the characters and you are cheering for all of them. Such a wonderful story of pain, faith, self determination,acceptance, perseverance and family! i forgot how much I loved reading and especially Teri's books. BRAVO
  • J. Coker - the Artist Way Julia CameronThe Artist's WayThe Artist's Way Workbook

    This is an excellent guide for freeing your artist within. If you follow the suggested 12 week program it is astounding what will happen. It would be helpful for anyone, artist or not, who wanted to access their own potential.