Newcastle Central Vein and Cosmetic Medical Centre specialises in the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins and affordable, non surgical cosmetic improvements. - Newcastle Central Vein and Cosmetic Medical Centre specialises in the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins and affordable, non surgical cosmetic improvements.

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  • David Elliott - Everything -- and Everyone -- AgesThe years take their toll in this novel that is at times laugh-out-loud funny yet also heartbreaking. The settings range from World War II Europe, Hollywood, Seattle, Rome and a handful of other locales, but mostly a remote seaside village in Italy. For movie buffs, there's the film set of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor, along with characters that include actors, writers, producers, and even the late Richard Burton making an extended appearance. This unpredictable page turner is a winner, with seemingly unrelated stories tied together believably at the end. In addition to being a phenomenal read, this book would be a natural for a miniseries.
  • Bruno - Severe Chron's Patient Suffer (Helping Me During a Major Flair-Up!)I will not go as far as to say this is going to cure Chron's, those of us with it know that will never happen with something like this. However, relief of symptoms or staving off the onset of flair ups is paramount for those of us who suffer with this disease. Sadly I have been suffering from a major flair up for over a whole year now that likely will need surgery since chemo-therapies (Remicade) are not working.

    I just recently switched doctors to seek more options and he advised me to take this exact brand of probiotic (despite my old doctor telling me ALL probiotics are useless for Chron's sufferers). All I can say is... I AM GLAD HE DID!!! :D I have only been using this product now for only "1 single week" and 90% of my stabbing pains at the site that is needing surgery are reduced! Which is enough of a change for me that I felt I wanted others to know that this helps!

    It is way to early to say if it's going to assist me with reducing the size of this massive inflammation. I likely am in the position I need surgery, no matter what, at this point (just based on the fact that a year of heavy medical treatments have had zero help). However, I can attest to the fact that this indeed is working on my Chron's symptoms in regards to reducing pains and keeping me eating and feeling healthier!

    Those of us with this disease (and similar ones like ulcertive colitis) know adding new things to your diet can be scary and dangerous at times, since reactions can be so bad and unpredictable. Therefore, please do not use my message as the thing that pushes you into this decision. I only ask you consider this as a real option in your Chron's care repertoire and decide if it's an option that you wanna try. I can say that in "my" body I had zero negative reaction from this probiotic so far...even from the 1st day everything was quiet and normal. I sensed a slight shift in my functions within the 1st 48 hours (not negative just a slight change in sensations) but after that everything went back to normal. I believe that was likely my intestines getting used to processing things better perhaps?

    For me the largest problems I had was bloating was creating sharp stabbing pains at my area of current major inflammation. These probiotics are allowing me to eat eggs again and having little to no bloating what so ever. I think it happened once this week (2nd or 3rd) day of taking these pills and it was extremely minor and created no major pains. Since than I still am eating eggs and have had no re-occurrence of bloating. This is the kind of thing that isn't a 100% cure all for these sort of symptoms, but it sure seems close! In my world 90% improvement is like day and night (could be life changing if this keeps up)!!!

    I pray this continues to help me and can prevent this upcoming surgery down the road. I wish the best of luck to all IBD/IBS sufferers out there. I think probiotics are indeed something that is a smart choice to prevent onset of horrible flair ups. I think I will be on these probotics for as long as they stay packaged and selling even if I suddenly go into remission (for me it's that good in less than 1 week of use)

    Good luck!
  • Adam Jensen - A bleak masterpieceAnimals is my favourite Pink Floyd album. As many others have mentioned, it does not have the sound of earlier Floyd albums... in fact, it doesn't really sound like any other Floyd album. It's dark and foreboding with three lengthy, moody numbers bookended by two short (almost identical) acoustic songs. The Pigs on the Wing songs are indeed very short, and some may consider them unnecessary. However, I feel they are enjoyable and required to break up some of the darkness of the rest of the album. Plus, part one enters perfectly into Dogs, my personal favourite song of the album. David Gilmour offers up some truly inspiring and emotional moments on the guitar. These make up one of his best performances, although many forget about it because of Comfortably Numb, Time and the like (which I agree are absolutely incredible as well). Pigs comes next, and this one is great because of the spectacular bass of Roger Waters. The opening bass riffs are eerie (featuring some excellent interplay with Richard Wright's organ) and the basslines throughout the song are thumping. Next is Sheep, which many enjoy and which appeared on the greatest hits. It is a very good song, with a driving guitar part and interesting interpretation of the "Lord is my shepard" bible passage. The lyrics of the album are a criticism of the social classes seemingly based on George Orwell's Animal Farm, and are biting and accurate even today. All in all, a superb album. It may not be something you can listen to every day because of how dark and dreary the overall feeling of the album is, but it is, in my opinion, Floyd's masterpiece that stands the test of time. Listen and enjoy.
  • E. Fortner - Despite the thousands of other people...This game is very good. Yeah, people complain about the DRM with activation limits. Most of the other people just hop on the bandwagon and believe what people claim could go wrong. Yes, EA could turn off their servers and no activation would be available, but that's not saying that a patch wouldn't be released by EA to circumvent this.

    In short, this is a very VERY good game. It's fun and addicting. Don't sell yourself short on this game because of the people getting worked up off of each other about an issue that doesn't even fully exist. I'll admit, the potential exists but that does NOT constitute a real problem.

    Great game for the whole family to play!
  • H. Chapin - changed my lifeI used to get yeast infections about once a month for the first year of my relationship, which took a huge toll on me and my boyfriend. I am also allergic to OTC yeast treatments, and the oral treatment from my gyno would only work for a few weeks. I found out about RepHresh gel while looking for vaginal health products (after doing research about how pH changes due to sex and menstruation can make one prone to yeast infections). I am thrilled with this product! I use it after sex and before and after my period. Also, when I am irritated after sex, the gel seems to help me "recover" quicker and feel more comfortable. I am honestly using another pro-biotic supplement just in case that helps too, but I really credit the RepHresh gel with the fact that I haven't had a yeast infection for almost 5 months (knock on wood)! I also think the tampons are a good idea (I wish all tampons were so "brilliant"), but I haven't tried them yet. I'm hoping they start selling them in local stores soon.