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  • Pam R - Best SecurityI like AVG because it is easy to use (I'm a novice) and walks me through most everything. Also, I tried Norton anti-virus that was free with my Comcast subscription and it slowed down my computer-very annoying when streaming movies...don't have the problem anymore with AVG. Had AVG free and then upgraded.
  • ASPPAgal - My feet love these shoesI bought these in rouge red as a tribute to Wendy Davis and her courageous filibuster. After buying the Mizunos I discovered Wendy also knows her shoes. I wear them all day and -- they're so comfortable -- I don't even want to take them off when I get home after work!

    Women deserve unfettered access to safe medical care (and equal pay for equal work). Wendy is right about more than her shoes. Stop the craziness. Stop the war on women.
  • Molly "Hopelessly addicted to audiobooks!" - Very pleasantly surprised!After reading some of the reviews of this product and having tried a number of different powdered supplements in the past, some of which were truly dreadful, I was not expecting anything so palatable! I have to say that if you're looking for something that tastes like a milkshake, this is NOT it. If you are looking for a healthy meal replacement that is high in fiber, has plenty of protein and tastes OK, then this is it!
    The product suggests mixing with low-sugar juice. I mixed it with 8 parts water and one part unsweetened cranberry juice. I also added a little bit of frozen fruit (pineapple). I blended it all well in my VitaMix blender and it had a decent texture. Not gritty like many green powders. There is a somewhat grassy taste, but it's well behaved and doesn't overwhelm.
    I am really impressed and relieved to have found this product. I'm using it as part of a New Year's cleansing. I will most likely keep purchasing it as a regular supplement as well.
  • MPJ "MPJ" - Facilitates Personal GrowthI love this publication. Its organized, creative, expressive, thought-provoking, and a powerful way to connect to the feminine spirit within all creation. The datebook style allows plenty of room to capture on a daily basis, the acts of kindness and goodness to be catalogued, at the end of each day. This book is a source of inspiration that helps me connect more deeply to my heart and what's important to me, personally and spiritually.
  • PDXRULZ - BEST RIESLING EVERI love, love, LOVE this wine. I am not usually a white wine drinker and I am by no means a wine snob. I just really enjoy reasonably priced wine that is versatile enough to go with many dishes and/or tastes great on it's own. This Riesling is smooth and flavorful. Most Rieslings are too sweet for me but I find that Kung Fu has a crisp aftertaste that allows me to enjoy more then one glass without feeling like I am getting sick from sugar intake. It tastes best to me during the summer time, or at least in warmer weather as it is served chilled. Plus, with a name like Kung Fu Girl, how can you go wrong??