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  • Elizabeth from Wythe - A marvelous collectionThis is a stunning introduction to a dark confining world. Mr Howey sets out to show us a world confined underground and ruled by fear. The characters and their dark spiraling living quarters take you by the hand and guide you into their world. This is a marvelous epic tale in the sci-fi world. You must read this series!
  • Nancy Crays "book lover" - Another WinnerVoyager, the third book of the Outlander series, begins in Scotland where Claire Randall, who is now a doctor and a widow, has taken her daughter Brianna for a vacation. I really enjoyed the first part of the novel where Claire, Bri and their friend Roger do research Jamie Fraser and the battle of Culloden. The story went back and forth between their research in 1968 and the actual events in the 1700s. Claire longs to return to Jamie after discovering he didn't die in the battle and Bri and Roger encourage her to do so.

    After Claire returns to the 1700s and Jamie, the book reminds me of an action movie. There are often a half dozen wild activities swirling around all at one time. Claire, Jamie and others go to sea and end up in the Caribbean where they encounter more challenges and lots of action.

    Despite all the action, Claire and Jamie gradually learn more of each others activities during the past 20 years.

    The writing is excellent as usual. Characters and incidents that often seem minor have a way of popping up again many chapters later. Even characters I thought dead turn out to be alive.

    It was hard to put this book down and I sometimes stayed up too late reading it.