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  • Mark Anthony "Mark" - Better Read In A GroupTry joining a workshop and read this book together. I say that because there is so much MORE to learn from other artists, or aspiring artists as there is from youself. This is a great self-help book, and if a group isn't available, you'll be fine. But try to find an Artist's Way Workshop before you'll be glad you did.
  • thatjeepguy - I'm commenting from this device now!This thing is so amazing that if it could have babies, I would have babies with it. I'm not even joking. Best tablet ever. I have no complaints whatsoever.
  • C. A. Freeman - Great itemI've had Quicken 2012 for couple of months now and I'm really pleased with it. Previous to this issue. I had Quicken 2011. Normally I do not upgrade unless there are significant improvements to the next years model. However, I was offered this edition on Amazon Vine to review so I thought I would give it a try.

    Now, before I go any further, let me state that I am not a Quicken power user. Unlike some that use the extensive range of features that Quicken offers, such as investment tracking, multiple accounts, tax matters, etc., I only use a few functions such as checking account, bill scheduling and online bill pay, and Quicken 2012 does all that and more. But in all honesty I haven't noticed that much difference between the 2011 and the 2012 version. But one big difference I did notice in this new version is the bill pay and online update feature is so much faster than my previous versions of Quicken. When I hit the update button it accomplishes the job in a fraction of the time of the previous versions. In my 2011 addition it would take several minutes to do an online update, with this version it's just a matter of a few short seconds and the job is done.

    All in all, for my purposes, I am very pleased with this addition. As I've stated not much difference from the 2011 version, but the speed of the online update and bill pay is well worth the upgrade.