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  • William Peters - Worth the wait for meI've been really enjoying Diablo 3. I was a fan of Diablo 2 and have been excited about this new version.

    I haven't finished the game yet but wanted to put up a review to counter all the 1 star reviews. 1 star. Really? Is it really that black and white? I found it funny that some 1 star customer reviews described playing through the whole game, even with multiple characters and then having a 1 star opinion. The last game I played that I would have rated 1 star I stopped playing after 10 minutes.

    Yes, it is a lot of Diablo 2. Diablo 2 was awesome.

    Yes, you need to log-in to play. I'm sure part of this is for piracy issues. Guess what, game developers need to make money. The music and software businesses are in serious trouble because of piracy. If they can't make money they won't make games anymore and then there won't be anything to complain about.

    I'm really enjoying the game. I'm playing the wizard. I think I'll do the witch doctor next. It is fun and challenging but keeps you wanting to play on and on. The skills and weapons are interesting. The levels are cool. Get it!
  • BrooklynMom - Excellent Resource for Pregnant WomenOster's book is an excellent resource for women interested in making informed, data-driven decisions throughout their pregnancies - I only wish I'd had it during my first pregnancy. Oster, a Harvard-trained economist and professor at the University of Chicago, sifted through hundreds of medical studies on everything from alcohol consumption to exercise during pregnancy to labor induction to bed rest, and presents the results of all these studies (along with an economist's take on the quality of each study's methodology) in a clear, accessible manner.

    With respect to the alcohol question, Oster certainly isn't suggesting that pregnant women drink excessively during pregnancy. She states very clearly that "There is no question that very heavy drinking during pregnancy is bad for your baby" and further explores the biology behind alcohol consumption while pregnant and why light drinking may be safe in some cases, while heavy (and fast) drinking is clearly not. In fact, Oster isn't actually suggesting anything -- that's not the point of the book. Her goal is to present all the information on the subject and enable women to make their own decisions. One woman may read the book and decide to abstain completely, while another woman may read the same chapter and decide that a few glasses of wine a week is okay. As with many decisions in pregnancy (amniocentesis, epidurals, etc.), it's up to individual women to evaluate the risks and make decisions accordingly -- and this book has made that process a lot easier for women.

    All in all, a wonderful, unique resource.
  • C. R. Anderson - The Best Book for a Healthy BackAs an older woman with severe scoliosis, I have a library of books on exercises to alleviate back pain. This one is the best. The exercises are simple. You can do them as you go about your daily activities. And they work. The book is beautiful, with remarkable photos of people from all over the world. It is careful in its descriptions of how to do the exercises. It shows you step by step photographs of how to exercise correctly. There are also pictures of what not to do. I was going to schedule surgery to try to relieve the pain and numbness in my leg that was making it difficult for me to walk. After working with the book for a short time I found that the pain has diminished so significantly that I am postponing the surgery, hopefully forever.
  • Lanny A. Netz "Car guy" - A life saver.........for a guy that can get lost in a parking lot. I also use it when I take my jeep into the high country. I really like the ability to tell me my elevation. And it can show my speed even when I am crawling around in low gear. In the city the street view is very helpful. It is a great improvement over the older models and for what it gives rather inexpensive.
  • Brenda Batista - The best product out there for cold soresI have suffered from cold sores for many years but haven't had an outbreak for over 10 years. Two days ago, I suddenly (without warning) woke up with my upper lip about 3x larger than normal. At closer look, I saw the familiar little pimples coming up. Oh no! So I ran to the pharmacy and picked up Abreva. Began using it as directed. Yesterday I still haven't seen the pimples come up so I was hopeful. The swelling was still there until the evening when all of a sudden the swelling started going down. This morning woke up to no swelling and just a scab. The blister didnt even fully form! I was able to leave the house today. Abreva stopped it from getting worse and sped up the healing dramatically. Thanks so much!