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  • Brizdaz - A Book Worth Reading...Even After The Use-By Date On The Cover.For those expecting another "Breaking Open The Head"...don't.
    But I really enjoyed reading it,even if at times I wondered where it was heading.
    I can see that it won't speak to everyone who reads it...or attempts to read it,but if the ideas speak to you like they did to me,then you will really savor the experience.
    All I can say is don't come to it with any expectations,just read it for what it is,and then maybe you won't be disappointed.
    I'll be coming back for a second read later,for sure.
  • xo2elliottxo - couldn't believe it..I received my bottle 3 days ago. I've been taking 3 tablets about 30 minutes before I think I'm going to eat and all I can say is that it really does work! I've lost 2 lbs already and it has definitely curbed my appetite. I also heard about this product from Dr. Oz.
    I recommend this product for sure!
    Thanks for reading!
    From a small town missouri girl :-)
  • Dan Curtis Fan - Of course Liberals won't like itJust consider the title of this book. Of course liberals aren't going to like it, of course liberals aren't going to read it, of course liberals are going to give it bad reveiws. If you're a liberal you should be listening to Air America and not wasting your time on an review board for a book that you never read. Judging by some of the reveiws, many people did read this book and enjoyed it. Most of the reviews by people who read the book are also very honest and critical. Hats off to your honesty. That's what this reveiew board is for - to give people who have not read the book a sense of what it is like so as to help them determine whether to purchase it or not.
  • Neal C. Reynolds - A clever and whimsical taleFlora is very much a comic book afficianado and this book is cleverly illustrated with a number of comic book type pages. The story itself is delightful fun with a squirrel sucked up by a super powered vacuum with the Ulysses brand name...the sucked up squirrel is rescued by the girl Flora and is given the name Ulysses. Well, the squirrel did pick up some awesome powers including typing out poems he creates, and hilarious fun is had by all including young readers and probably many of their parents.
  • Melvin Udall "melvin" - Classic PalinRead this book from cover to cover. Enjoyed it thoroughly. This book is fun, feisty and fierce. Classic Palin. Palin interweaves Christmas stories, family traditions and this book is also a great manual for good Christians who want to do battle with the Joe McScrooges in their communities. It shows them ways to fight smart and is about as in your face to atheists as you can possibly get. Sarah Palin lays out the case for Christmas and why it is worth protecting.