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  • J. Milhomme - By J.Milhomme: Great narative for those who are not looking for a safety blanket to veil them from a forthcoming thunder.I did not need to read a book to confirm the absurdity behind the theatrical and delusional idea surrounding the sort of divine nature of the existence and death of Jesus. It is, however, rewarding to know that sound and solid research, informed by reason, is there to elucidate the lucid mind.
  • Kel Barn - A Book The World NeedsIt seems today that both the religiously-hijacked political Right and the far Left can most of the time agree on one thing: that people's religious beliefs shouldn't be criticized, and that science better stay out of the business of morality and just keep cranking out new drugs and smaller iPods. The Moral Landscape seems to have been written for the express purpose of shattering this dangerous illusion. By leaving what is possibly the most important area of human inquiry (ethics) to the realm of religion, Sam Harris argues, we are leaving the future of human well-being in the hands of those least equipped to understand it, let alone maximize it.

    While Sam Harris staunchly opposes the nonsense that is moral relativism, he is not, as he is often caricatured, a moral fascist claiming that there is only one right path to building a moral society. In fact, the concept of the moral landscape is that of a plane representing every possible arrangement of society, with the altitude at each point representing the well-being of that society. There are multiple valleys but also multiple peaks on this landscape, meaning that there are almost certainly multiple valid ways to structure a society which maximizes the well-being of its inhabitants. There are of course legitimate questions to be asked about how best to quantify this well-being. Should we consider total well-being, average well-being, or the maximum individual well-being? Unfortunately, Harris does not attempt to answer this question, even if he does bring it to the reader's attention. Still, I cannot fault him for this, as the purpose of this book is to shatter certain illusions and pose certain questions, not to provide a "handbook of morality". Harris accomplishes what I imagine he set out to do magnificently, and this book is a must-read for anyone even slightly interested in the subject of morality - which, hopefully, will be everyone.
  • - A complete cureHave suffered with what is variously diagnosed as irritable bowel, colitis etc. All I know is that none of the consultant physicians I consulted even bothered to mention what I was eating! they were all very hapy to fill me full of steriods and other dangerous drugs though. I saw immediate improvements in my symptoms within one week, and have now been symptom free and off all medication for many months. I'm sure the medics will just say I'm in remission. Or maybe I've removed the causes of the damage to my intestines and miracle of miracles they just got better. It is a difficult diet to follow but it sure is worth it.
  • Mr. De Long "D P N De Long" - Good But Not as Good as the Manufacturer Claims/Does Not Live Up to All the ClaimsI LOVE it--especially for creating plain soda water. I only press the carbonation button twice, giving me plenty of carbonation, but it seems to get used up quite rapidly and the even the refills (at around $15 each) are twice as expensive as I had hoped. So, in fact, the advertising declaration that it is an inexpensive way of making soda is not really true. I can get great soda, several flavors (but not plain soda water) cheaper at Dollar Tree for $1 for 3 liters. It IS cheaper (or not more) than much supermarket/grocery store soda and is always available. Overall, I am happy with the purchase. It is just coming out a bit more expensive (and I am on early social security) than I had expected from the manufacturer's claims and it is going to take some time (at least a couple years) to make up in any savings the original purchase price for the system.
  • Wulfstan "wulfstan" - Imagine a moat, filled with starving piranha....Then a 20 foot tall razor wire fence.

    Behind the fence are a pack of rabid Dobermans.

    Then, Chuck Norris-with a machine gun.

    Ok, then you can imagine the level of Internet Security you get with Kaspersky.

    I find that the peace of mind you get from having the very best is worth it. And, you get three users worth from this.

    Now, there are always some caveats. We found that if you already have an earlier version of Kaspersky on your computer, it is best to Uninstall that before installing this.

    Easy to use, easy to install (remember what I said above) and not a huge hog of needed computer resources.The 2012 version continues it's well known high level of protection and ease of use. Note that the first update can be a doozy. Set aside some time for it.