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  • BookDive27 - Helpful tool for GMAT prepThis book makes sure that you are very prepared for the GMAT with the explanations of each section of the test, strategies, hints and tips to look for on test day, simulations and practice quizzes, as well as how to go about the process of applying to grad schook/B. School. This is one of the best GMAT prep materials ever.
  • Lundsby "Lundsby" - Bout time I reviewed this bookEveryone who suffers from any autoimmune disease must read this book. This diet has changed my life, and has changed the lives of many others.

    The diet is said to mainly help intestinal disease and autism, but I believe anyone who is generally sluggish, low in energy, or has a host of unspecific annoying symptoms like joint pain, sinus pain, excess weight etc, should give it a try.

    I became ill in 2004 with an unspecified intestinal disorder but symptoms were not dissimilar to crohns or ulcerative colitis. Within days I felt better generally, within two weeks my symptoms had subsided. After a year I was mostly pain free - and felt better than I had ever felt, even pre illness. I still follow the basic principals today - I now just believe that this is a healthy life style. Now that I am well I have adjusted this diet to be primarily whole foods, I do eat grains especially in the winter, but mostly spelt and rye.

    Now I am just a healthy person who cares about the molecular structure of her food.

    Many reviewers giving 5 stars sound almost evangelistic in their praise which might actually put some people off. I think one review on this list (a very old one) goes so far as to say that Elaine has a loyal band of followers who counteract any negative reviews. But the reason this happens is that people like me, many scattered all over the world and who have never met Elaine, have had their lives changed so dramatically that we simply cannot help but express it in this fashion.

    If you are ill you owe it to yourself to spend the 20 bucks, read the book and every word on the web site and give this diet an honest try for a month. It is so tragic that such a simple solution is missed by people who are so very ill because the info does not come from the conventional medical community, or because diet folklore muddies the credibility of this books information.
  • Mike in SJ - A Work of ArtHardware:

    Very modern, elegant and yet functional polycarbonate exterior. I don't think you need to put on a case unlike some other phones out there. It feels very solid and comfortable holding it. A little extra weight compared to others doesn't bother me at all, especially when this Lumia offers several innovative features (see other reviews for a full list) you can't find elsewhere.


    WP8 UI and UX are fantastic and very fluid. Of course this is no surprise to people coming from WP7 like me. I must say, however, I'm pleasantly surprised how much faster this feels compared to my two year old Samsung Focus which was one of the most fluid performers back then. It's a day and night difference.

    To serious photographers like me, I think this phone's camera alone would be enough reason to buy. Light gathering capability is simply unmatched due to the optical stabilization (OIS) and the f/2.0 lens. iphone 5 has a f/2.4 lens and Samsung Galaxy III has a f/2.8, both with no OIS. (For those who don't know, lower "f" number is "better" for light gathering.) Check out pictures posted on Flickr to get an idea. Indoor and night photos are groundbreaking for a phone camera. I can finally ditch my point-and-shoot camera and happily use this phone for daily snapshots when I don't have my Nikon DSLR around.

    Combination of 920's HW and Microsoft's SW is truly a work of art in both form and function. And I don't give out that kind of compliments easily.
  • Quetzalcoatl "Priestess" - Analysis of Fractal Space-Time Events correlated to 12/21/2012First and foremost, I have read a lot of books from the Catholic Saints to the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra to David Icke, Bruce Lipton to Gregg Braden, Daniel Pinchbeck to John Major Jenkins, and so many other visionaries that span every academic discipline, religious and scientific, belief systems in existence.

    However, this book should be especially read by those that are stagnated in the conspiracy theory books and ideas about fears of the End-Time. In brief, we have latent within us the "Christ" gene and DNA is a liquid-crystal semi-conductor radio-tv circuit receiving and transmitting life-force information in/out of The Field. We are literally tuned to the 26,000-year timing pulse of the "black hole" stars within the heart-center of the Milky Way Galaxy!

    In a nutshell, we are aligning the center of our cells to the center of the cosmos and its co-creative relationship with us and our collective desire to move beyond survival to restoration of the Garden of Eden here and now. That is, creation is only beginning for us in era-2012!

    In no uncertain terms, this is "the" book to read on how to prepare for the changes-to-come from ecology-to-economy-to-earth changes themselves. This is no idle claim.

    Will a "coronal mass ejection" trigger the opening of our Third Eye in Solar Cycle 24? Is this the meaning to the Mayan prophecy of the Eternal Return of Quetzalcoatl: The Plumed Serpent in 2012? I strongly recommend the DVD Science of Soul: The End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in 2012 A.D. as well as Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century - Second Edition Revised and Updated for 2012 that is packed-with-facts that are contemporary with the election of President Obama and supplement the First Edition with new visions of our future world order beyond 2012.