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  • K. Rasmussen - Lighthearted funI, and the rest of our family, enjoyed passing this one around when it arrived in my stocking one Christmas. At first I was a little embarrassed to be opening it up in front of my mother-in-law. I was relieved, and delighted, by the inside. It is seriously just a joke. I have a great husband who pulls his share of the housework. I'm a working mother, nothing June Cleaver about me. I was not in any way offended by this. It is not suggesting that women care more about housework than about sex. How many women feel like they are the only ones who notice the dishes in the sink, or wake up to hear the baby crying in the middle of the night only to look over and find their husband snoring away? If you are one of those women, this is the book for you. Like I said, I have a great husband, but there are certainly times when I dream of having him say one of the things that the men in this book do! I agree with one other reviewer that the only downside was the length (of the book, that is :). It is rather short (the book, again, that is).
  • Maisey - Worth every penny!Exposed is fantastic! Im 25 years old and have been seeing a dermatologist for acne since the 3rd grade. I have tried EVERYTHING from prescription gels/creams to acutane to $500 worth of microderm abrasion with little results. I spent a lot of time researching acne treatments and this system came up rated the highest. I love that it has lots of natural ingredients. While it has not completely eliminated my acne it has made an infinitely greater difference than anything else I have ever tried. The lotion makes your skin really soft to. I recommend using a spot treatment as well like Murad's Acne Spot Treatment. You may also need an additional moisturizer in the winter time. While the product is expensive it is worth every penny to me to have clear skin.