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  • david bublitz - Just received and love it....!!Had a Hoover bagged vacuum and just wasn't happy with it. Thought that my carpet wasn't getting clean and knew it was time for a change and new vacuum. I love Amazon because of the reviews of everyone and can get a good picture of how a product can hold up. So, even though I had seen commercial about the shark - I was skeptical.

    Needless to say I was NOT dissappointed. I ordered it on Sunday - Got it today on a Wednesday. Had it shipped 3 to 5 days shipping so I was impressed on that. I used my Amazon card so I could finance it for 6 months - ($25.00 a month) rather than buy it from Skark and have it 4 payments of $49.99. But lets get to the vacuum.

    Unboxed it. Was easy to assembly. Only needed a flathead screwdriver to attach the handle. The rest just clicked and snapped together. Once together I tried it out. Now, this last weekend I completely cleaned my house top to bottom and really cleaned my carpet. But, with the Shark after a few passes - the collection chamber was noticably full of dust and dirt (this is a GOOD thing). The unit was very easy to push - in fast as another reviewer said it felt like it was self propelling itself. I love the handle as it felt comfort in my hands. I tried it out on my kitchen floor - was super - you can actually hear rhe suction.

    I would recommend this to anyone. Price is good - said it had a 7 year warranty on the tag on the unit. To see the dirt it picked up is neat. But - my carpet looks new again - it groomed it and that is what a machine should do....GREAT - Love it!!
  • thefifthdentist - Straight Stylin'Are you familiar with those commercials for a certain male performance enhancement pill? Wearing this shirt has a similar effect and should come with the same warning about contacting your doctor should something last more than 4 hours. Let's just say I have my physician on speed dial when I wear this shirt.
  • firechill - Great substitute for play doh!My son wanted Play Doh for his birthday but unfortunately Toys 'R' Us was sold out of it. I figured this would be the next best thing. He absolutely LOVES it and told me he wishes he had a third hand because its so much fun! I told him maybe his kids would have better luck. A dozen more cans are on their way! Thanks!