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  • Carolyn Howard-Johnson "Multi award-winning w... - To the Best of My Knowledge......this is a great product. I love that Pro-X products are fragrance free. I love that all Olay products are sold "satisfaction guaranteed." I love the applicator and the presentation. It's gentle. I love the texture. I like the daily exfoliation---something that noticeably happens after a few days of use. Now and then I can actually feel some peeling beneath my moisturizer which makes my skin look fresher.

    But does it fade spots? It may. Eventually. I don't have many spots (or dark ones), so if it fades and evens skin tone, I should be a good candidate for near-perfect results. So far, I see nothing. If that changes, I'll pop back in and let Amazon readers know.
  • bargain shopper - A breath of fresh airAt last something that really works! I bought it not only for myself but for my daughter. She has bad breath problems, yet her teeth and gums are perfect. I knew it was coming from the back of the throat because you could really smell it when she whispered, so I would especially notice it Sunday mornings in church. I knew she had just brushed a half hour earlier, yet there was still odor. When she uses this, her breath is perfect! As some reviewers have stated, you're not going to use this and feel like you've used some strong, minty breath freshener. This truly cleans your throat and doesn't just mask odor.

    I find that using a capful is too much for me as it does bubble up quickly once you start gargling. Half a cap seems to be just fine for me. I have one of these in every bathroom. It is more expensive, but worth every penny. I have found it at Target for a cheaper price, but it was on clearance. I don't know if they still sell it. Amazon's price is definitely cheaper than the pharmacies I've tried.