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  • Maximizer - Well worth the investmentIt was hectic getting ready for our Disneyland trip, but so worth taking the time to read this book and good to have it handy as we ran around each day. We definitely got in more rides with less waiting even during summer break. A key as advised was to start early in the day, which we did as much as possible. As a result of following the path advised in the book, it was rare to wait for anything more than 30 minutes, and we were able to enjoy the most popular rides multiple times. I don't think we'd ever want to wing it again, but rather would always want to generally follow the advice provided in this book. We're even applying one trick to other lines now, taking the shorter path whenever possible. I highly recommend this book.
  • Teresa T. Simmons "tiggerpets" - alignThis product works great for me. I take alot of medications and have experienced constipation but the Align has worked. Gentle on my system and I would recommend it to anyone who has a slow system.
  • DJKat - Neat, Little Novelty Slicer.I don't get to use it very often, but when I do, the process is so quick and painless than I often reach for another banana.
    Edges are sharp, but not sharp enough to hurt anyone without trying, but the annoying part is that the fruit will become stuck to the actual blades.

    Still, at this price, why not buy one, or three?
  • Riley - Hey it's not DSOTM but it's really goodTo me, this is so much better than the wall. It's a nice sounding album with great PF songs. David Gilmour picked the band up and got the job done here. This is coming after an only average effort on the prior release and a relentless barrage of insults from the perpetually bitter Roger Waters.

    Although Gilmour claims the lyrics are not directed at Waters I think they are. Check out some of the references in the title song and 'What Do You Want From Me'.

    The music is the important thing here and the band delivers on every song. I'm not really that into 'A Great Day For Freedom' but that's not to say it's a bad song. 'Keep Talking' got a little overplayed on the radio and really isn't that representative of the overall sound of the disc but it's a pretty decent song.

    I saw the band on this tour (the Pulse tour) and had a great time. This is clearly worthy of being in any true PF fan's collection.
  • Sweet Angel - EASY, EFFECIENT & COST EFFECTIVE!I always had Norton for years and had nothing but hassles, finally last year I said "enough" and got McAfee. It has been great, it was more affordable, easy to install and worked great. I had no problems. I purchased this years version and look forward to the same great performance. In fact I am just loading it at present and it's going very well. I think you will be quite happy with McAfee's Antivirus programs!