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  • R. Zimmerman - Great product and I kind of like the taste.I am always trying to improve my diet but don't always wish to devote the time and energy it takes to acquire (or grow) and prepare fresh ingredients. It is also very challenging to find a ready made or easily prepared product that doesn't have some sort of flaw be it high carbs or preservatives or some other "undesirable" ingredient. Enter Garden of Life Raw Meal. This is a great product! Made with 100% renewable energy, no gluten, no dairy, 100% raw and full of vitamins and iron - vegan iron! It may be completely mental but I feel almost instantly better when i drink this product. The bad news? It doesn't taste like a milkshake - it tastes like veggies and nuts and sprouts. I actually like the taste of the original/plain. The drink can get a bit thick and thickens over several minutes so mix with lots of cold water, shake vigorously and drink through a straw which I also use to keep stirring. The plain flavor is my favorite - I've tried the vanilla, chocolate and chai vanilla as well and don't particularly love any of them. The vanilla is probably the worst due to the sort of silty texture. The chai vanilla and chocolate are both decent if you want a more conventional flavor than the original. ...and, worth noting, the chocolate has more fiber than the others.
  • Mike S. "-Mike" - Very FastThis is my second Polaroid 32 GB class 10 micro SD card. They are very fast. I store HD movies and music on them and us them in my tablets constantly when I'm on the road. No issues with streaming HD content. Some of the slower cards will stutter but not these cards. I'm very happy with tghe Polaroid class 10 micro SD cards so far.
  • Christina Paul "Live like you MEAN it!!" - Great program for any small business personQuicken and NOLO proess have teamed up to create a great program that is invaluable for any business owner. Whether you are buying an existing business, building one from scratch or need forms for your current business venture, solo contractor working form home or a small business with employees, this program has just about everything that you will ever need.

    Included are the full texts of "Attract Investors with a Solid Business Plan", "Raise Busines Capital Through Loans and Gifts", "Start and Run Your Small Business", "Understand and Follow Employment Law" and "Make the Best Tax Decisions for Your Business". Each of these texts are searchabl and it takes the guesswork about finding the information that you need fast.

    You get all the forms for a business plan, finacial forgasts, profit and loss, as well as formation of a business, hiring employees, LLC minutes and consent fomrs, and contracts for goods and services. There were just a couple of forms that I would have liked to find, such as a non-disclosure agreement for both employees and clients, although there was a non-compete agreement within the program. Of course, being in the entertainment industry, I would love it if Quicken and NOLO did more contract forms that are geared toward the media because entertainment industry lawyers are incredibly expensive! However, this program is a great place to start and most everything within it can be tailored to any business needs that you might have.