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  • grams - Very interesting bookVery well written and easy to read. Very informative and interesting. Have recommended it to others as well. It has a lot of tips for good health that I have found helpful. If you are interested in finding out what foods work well for your particular body, this book will help you identify those foods.
  • Mimi "new Mimi (grandma!)" - very helpful Abx book & info on disease processesBook is extremely helpful for Abx. Would recommend as an adjunct to one's arsenal of drug books. Helpful tables & such as well. Goes into depth with many disease processes. Book also lists the authors' sources for each disease process and recommendations and treatment. Book is set up by disease process, pathogens, management, drugs (antibacterial, antifungal, antimycobacterial, etc.)
    Did I mention that book's framework is by disease process, such as C.diff - then microbiology - then Clinical aspects (risk, Abx risk, clinical presentation, Dx, Lab tests) - then Sites of Infection. Treatment. Then Special Considerations, such as avoiding antiperistaltics, etc. Infection control measures. Follow-up instructions, then Other Information and More Information.

    I bought the paperback book and also bought the Kindle version. If you are in doubt, download the Kindle app, download a free sample of the book & look through the sample!
    One last note - author is the same author affiliated with the helpful Up-To-Date program!