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  • Jim Moore "Jim Moore" - Wisdom for a lifetime!Best book I have read in 40 years, so good I got it for both of my children, ages 40 & 35. If I had this wisdom before I started my adult life things would have been a lot less complicated. This book gives you the wisdom & understanding to not waste your time trying to change people but eliminate vampires that SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU & leave a pile of destroyed lives in their tracks. Thanks for the discernment & wisdom imparted in this book, It changed everything for my family.
  • Kit Sewell - Great Book!This is a great book for someone who is having back, neck or knee problems. I have the video by Esther which helps to understand the book better. However, I was having back, neck and knee problems which the doctors only know how to treat with pain meds. The meds didn't help correct the problems, but the Gokhale method did and it works. You can go to her web site for some very helpful information and if you want order the video. Plus, she offers some free work shops on her site. As for the group work shops, I took one when it came to Sacramento and it was worth every penny. Recommended for those who want to have and need a hands on experience with the techniques.
  • jswilkes - WD My Book Live Duo 6TBThis is a good network hard drive. The only downside is the public folder. Everyone that has access to the hard drive can download files to the public folder. Not that big of deal still worth 5 stars. I also added another WD 2TB external hard drive to this one (USB2.0/3.0 connection) and I can move folders back and forth with ease. For a network hard drive this is a sound investment.

    Update: After using this network hard drive for over three months no problems or worries. It is very slow with videos outside of my home network but I mostly use it for files and music and I have no problems with transfer speeds with my laptop or phone. It also sends an e-mail if something happens (restarts) which is nice if something should go wrong with a hard drive. I still give this 5 stars for ease of use and accessibility.
  • Deanna Rains - Great for personal taxesI've used TaxCut and now H&R Block Home with State for a number of years. The instructions are easy to follow and walk you through each step. I like it that I can skip steps that do not apply. I like the errors and warnings that appear at the end of the process. I prefer to having the software at home rather than doing my taxes online. When I've had a problem (which has happened only a couple of times) the support from H&R Block was quick and helpful.
  • Lauren Z. - This Book Changed My Life!!After many years of battling a mysterious autoimmune illness, I discovered The Body Ecology Diet and my life began to change. Making a big change seemed a little overwhelming at first, but the principles in this book made it possible and really walked me through it - as if I had a friend as a guide. Great information. Great recipes. Great support. And BIG results. I have been hospital-free since beginning the diet, and my life and health keep improving. This book is so empowering and made me feel like that I have a say in the state of my health. I am SO grateful that I found it and highly recommend it!!