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  • David W. Lewis - Important Book - Good ReadClay Shirky has written an important book that is a good read. He tells the story of how the new social technologies of the web lower the barriers of cooperation so that individuals can share, create, and act together in new ways. This book should be read by anyone who want to more about how today's technological innovations are and will shape society and the organizations that comprise it. Shirky also write well. He is a good story teller. Best book I've read in at least a year.
  • Lucy - Worked for us!After a miscarriage we tried for over a year, within one cycle of taking these pills and my husband took the male version, we are 8 weeks pregnant! i will definitely use again as I really saw a change in my ovulation cycle. I pray all goes well from here on.
  • Jeremy Blanton - The 1st Pink Floyd I boughtI got this tape for 5 dollars when I was in my teens, I heard good things about pink floyd and I figured Id give it a try. Every Song is memorable and thought provoking. Roger Waters is a true poet and David Gilmour is a extraordinary guitarist. You must listen to this album all the way thru. I wore out the tape and I plan to get the cd very soon. I am counting the days until I can buy it. this album should be in every rock lovers collection!
  • Sarah Killeen - Every house needs a Nutri-bullet - useful for variety of things!Chose this over magic bullet due to power difference since we wanted to crush ice. It makes a perfect pina colada in about 15 seconds!!!! Crushes up the ice in no time. Love that I can use the bullet cups to drink from instead of dirtying two things. I've used to make salad dressings, soups, drinks, and more and all have come out great! HIGHLY recommend this!