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  • L. Gibson - Historical and EnjoyableI enjoyed reading this book and is Historical writing. Easy to understand and follow. Tantalizing even though we know the end results. NOT a RELIGIOUS book. You do not feel preached at. I feel like I understand the time and events better. If you like history you will enjoy this book. I read all but the NOTES.
  • Wolfqueen - confusion? ????Im very confused right now. I got this product about 3 weeks ago. And around second week got cramps. Was very excited for my periods are non existant and im 21yrs old. I use to have normal periods but went swimming and they stopped. They stopped for five years until i drank parsley tea then they came for a while then stopped. Until i took vitex and they came last year 2011 before they stopped again in Dec. Havent had one since. But then FERTILAID! it has given me cramps for a week and 1/2. But now they stopped!!!! I didnt get a period just cramps and yesterday 1/17/12 the cramps stoped. Im still taking pills because they gave me cramps but now hopeful they just need time to get into system.
    Even though they habent worked yet the syill did SOMETHING so im happy and would recommend them to anyone. Doing something is better than nothing in my book.

    Has anyone.elsebhad this problem?
  • Lawrence J. Friedberg "IT/Design Consultant" - The Best Quickbooks YetImproved transactions, Excel integration, great document center and more make the 2012 version the best yet. As an Intuit and Quickbooks beta tester I have more opportunity than most to fully run QB through its paces. All I can say is Wow. I use QB2012 pro personally and also with every single one of my restaurant clients. Whether you are an accountant or restaurant owner or both, QB2012 Pro is well worth it.